“On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was” (and an Ode to American Horror Story)

Helloooo October!
how happy I am to see your endearingly, spooky face 🙂

October is one of the best months,
the start of the holiday season,
the beginning of decoration fever,
and my favorite,

A full excuse for
Candy,Horror Movies
how can I forget
– Season 5 –
-07 October 2015 –

I am beyond excited for Wednesday.
In fact, I have been so excited for AHS
I actually convinced myself that last Wednesday was the 7th.
You can imagine my horror when I realized it was still September.

If your haven’t seen American Horror Story then I highly suggest you check it out.
If you love horror, an intriguing story, and love America that is.
The first three seasons are currently on Netflix,
and the fourth will be released on October 6th.
If you’re interested, here’s my take on Seasons 1-4:
{Feel Free to Skip Ahead}

Season One, the start of it all and many consider, the best. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first episode. My good friend and I watched the premiere and there was something just too, maybe the word is, harsh, about it? And still to this day, the first episode of Season One is unpleasant to get through, but don’t give up. It Does Get Better. I got my Grandma and even my Mom into AHS. (The latter not being a much of a Horror fan at all) There’s just a really great group of characters and solid story that makes the gore worth watching. 

Season Two, aka my personal favorite, is not for the faint of heart. It’s a pretty intense psychologically and the  horror this season can be a bit too realistic for most tastes. My Mom is the most religious person I know, so having Religion be a major theme was pretty tough for her to swallow. And again, the first two episodes were the toughest to watch, there’s a pretty sacrilegious scene.  (I almost lost them both but my Grandma held tough and ended up thoroughly enjoying it.) It also brought me one of my favorite characters in the entire series.

Season Three, or to some the beginning of the decline of AHS (though others say the decline starts once Season 2 began) Coven is definitely a different flavor from the past two seasons. I personally feel that you just need to be in the right mood. I enjoyed the light heartedness and subtle humor. Though don’t mistake that as Season 3 is not a horrifying. In fact, each season in AHS, I find a particular scene so disturbing that it stays with me until the next episode. This scene just so happened to occur in episode one of season 3.  Which goes back to my comment on the first episode being tough to watch. This was also the season where the women ruled and two classic actresses joined the cast. Also they really played around with the story telling and film techniques.

Season Four, was my least favorite, though I still enjoyed it. This was the first season I watched live with my Grandma and Mother, so we got to dissect it on a weekly basis. The story was a bit too emotional for my taste, as in, the characters journeys  were jut very dark. I’m not saying its bad, I just don’t like the emotional roller coaster of darkness. I also didn’t love Jessica Lange’s final American Horror Story role. As a whole, I felt like the season was rushed and a tad disjointed. But overall the season was still an enjoyable watch,

and the fourth will be arriving just a day before the premiere of Season 5,
so no worries, you have about 24 hours to catch up.

No seriously, it’s an anthology series, so there’s no need to be caught up by 10PM Wednesday.

Jessica Lange

Evan Peters

Sarah Paulson

I am extremely sad to see the intensely talented Jessica Lange leave us.
Seeing her transformation was one of my favorite parts of AHS.
Though there have been some really great additions,

My personal favorite being

But I digress…
I am a fan of Lady Gaga but I must admit, I am a tad nervous.
Which I think mostly is due to Jessica Lange’s absence.
But I really hope L.G. really knocks it out of the park!

What do you think?
What are your thoughts on the past four seasons?
Are you excited for the return of the official start of Halloween?

Aside from the joys…or uh, terrors of AHS,
Here are some other October delights, I’m looking forward to:

I’m really looking forward to trying out some new recipes.

and of course,
which leads to another personal favorite,
I’m also going to think of ways to show my support for a much worthy cause. I have lost loved ones to Cancer but not to Breast Cancer, thankfully. Though Breast Cancer did take the life of my friend’s mother, who was probably the kindest and most thoughtful person who ever walked the Earth. If you have any ideas, please shoot me an email.

 Also, did you know October 4th is National Taco Day?

well, I better get back to unpacking. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Hope you enjoyed my little fluff post ode to October and AHS.

Thank you for Reading!

🙂 Enjoy the Month of October 🙂


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