“Evidently Mr. Ringo’s an educated man. Now I really hate him.”

We will always be Easterners but for the next six months, call us Arizonaites!

Recap on our travels:
On Monday, September 14th, we packed up our car and left Fort Irwin for the last time.
IMAG0856On Tuesday, September 15th, we arrived in our new home.
IMAG0871 2On Wednesday, September 16th, we woke up around 6AM and jumped a plane East.
IMAG1246On Thursday, September 17th, the Wedding Weekend Festivities Commenced.
elise wedding in three picsOn Sunday, September 20th, we caught a Double Header, triple if you count dinner 😛
200915 doubleheaderOn Monday, September 21st, we woke up at 4AM and caught a plane back to Arizona.
IMAG1304On Tuesday, September 22nd, we slept in. It was grand.

Manny flew out to Boston to visit friends, so Stan and I got to house sit and bond with Zek for a week. Let me just say, what a week it has been! Now, to most of you, this is going to sound lame, but for someone who has been stuck in the actual desert and away from the closest town by 45 minutes, you’ll understand.

We got to sleep in every day this week and still had enough time to do everything we wanted and much more. The Post we live on is 15 minutes away from just about everything you would ever want. Movie Theater, Joanne’s Fabric, Target, Hobby Lobby, Walmart GameStop, a plethora of food chains, including Stan’s favorite Papa Johns. Basically, you name it…well, we don’t have everything but sorry to rant, we are just very excited!

This week we went to three different movies…on three different days!
I don’t want to give anything away so I’ll be brief.
We watched:

The Visit

I will always be in M. Night Shyamalan’s corner. I don’t like every single one of his films, but I will always be rooting for his return. And don’t let the trailers fool you, The Visit, as one critic stated, “is Shyamalan’s first step in returning to his former self.” The film was better than I thought, awkward for the most part, but definitely scary elements.

Black Mass

I’m a very big fan of Goodfellas and for me, this was definitely no Goodfellas. But Johnny Depp made the film, he was just so captivating to watch. (I feel a little bad that they didn’t use Ray Liotta, just saying) If it weren’t for Johnny Depp, it would have been a much drier film.

The Green Inferno

Okay, so my friend sent this trailer to me and something about it just hooked me.
I’m not a fan of Hostel or the whole torture porn craze that was big a few years ago, but something about this premise intrigued me. Perhaps it was the setting, or that Halloween is right around the corner but I really wanted to watch this. When I sat down in the theater, I was fully prepared for a zero story, gorefest. I purposely ate a bland meal beforehand and mentally prepared myself. But I was not entirely correct. There was a pretty decent story behind the gore and the gore was definitely gory, but a tolerable gore…at points. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no Silence of the Lambs, but it was entertaining
…just don’t have a big meal beforehand.

But maybe the film affected me more than I was aware…

 While we weren’t enjoying the town, Stan and I ventured into the neighboring ones.

I was told back in Fort Irwin that Bisbee was an artsy town, which I was over the moon to hear.
And I must admit, it did not disappoint. We did not get to partake in everything, such as the local breweries and all of the art galleries. But we did get to visit a few of the antique stores, a book store and have lunch at a lovely hotel.
This was the only picture I took in Bisbee, mostly because I plan to return.

Was so much better than I thought it was going to be. It’s a little hokey, I’ll admit that, but for the most part it’s just plain cool. There’s so much history there. Granted most of what I love about Tombstone is from the 1993 film starring Kurt Russel and Val Kilmer. But take a look at some of the pictures I took, it’s incredible.

280915 Morgan Earp
I bought a few souvenirs here. I want to say out of respect for Morgan Earp, but the whole concept of having a gift shop where someone was murdered is rather unsettling .

280915 Tombstone

We didn’t watch the reenactment of the O.K. Corral gunfight this visit.
My parent’s are coming to visit us soon, so I’ll be taking a more in-depth look then.
The Boot Hill Graveyard was a little creepy. Everyone is covered in rocks and there are cactus plants growing from them. The three men who were killed during the gunfight at O.K. Corral are Billy Clanton, Frank McLaury and Tom McLaury. There’s a sign there that reads, “murdered on the streets of Tombstone.” Which in a way, I guess is true, and I know this is up to debate and some level of controversy but weren’t they the bad guys?
My opinion: Yes.

280915 Big Nose Kate's Saloon

We had a delicious lunch at Big Nose Kate’s Saloon. Seriously, the food was delicious and extremely filling. Our waitress was pretty cool too. She was dressed as a saloon girl and kept cussing at us, not in an angry way, it was just very matter of fact and pretty funny. There was also live music and a full bar. We did not partake, Stan had a sarsaparilla and I had a Doc Holliday aka Dr. Pepper.

Oh, and we also found our new home for the next six months!
Arizona Home Sweet Home

So far, I just love Arizona. I know I have a long way to go before we can call this home but thanks to what’s around it shouldn’t be that long. Our stuff will be getting out of storage and delivered on Thursday, October 1st. I’m so excited to get our house organized, but I must admit I’m awfully nervous to see the condition of all our belongings.

I also must admit, I’m nervous about being in charge. Stan’s first day of work is October 1st. And since it would be unfair to the movers as well as to Annie, she will be staying at Manny’s house for the day. I will be all alone in our new house, directing the movers on where we should place everything.
Please wish me luck!

Thank you for reading!!
I hope you had a splendid September!

PS : the fourth and final week of my Instagram Challenge.

WfM day 22 something you're currently borrowing from someoneWfM day 23 a souvenir from a vacationWfM day 24 a book you're readingWfM day 25 a picture of something newDay 26 First Runner UpWfM day 26 something that means a lot to you closeupWfM day 27 a photo of your handwritingWfM day 28 your favorite color patternWfM day 29 something in your fridge black & white

WfM day 30 self portrait 30 days later

I hope you enjoyed looking at these Instagram photos from my 30 Day Challenge. I really enjoyed this one and I’m sad to have it ending. I’ve been looking for different challenges that I could do starting tomorrow, I’ll let you know if I find something 🙂

PPS : this is what Stan and I would look like as Peanut Characters

Peanut Us


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