Army Wife Life January 2018

It’s been a good while since my last real Post.

So, here we are.

The last few months of 2017 were pretty testing. My husband had to go away for work for the most of October and a little of November. Which means he had to miss Bhaer’s first Halloween.

But it could be worse, it could’ve been Christmas.

My Grandma came to stay with me which was a very unique and special occurrence. Just having her around was helpful. I don’t know if this is something all wives feel but as a housewife, I mean, domestic engineer, life can get quite lonely when you’re home all day and your baby is only learning how to talk. So, having my Grandma here with me was a big help.

As for being an Army Wife, I’ve been pushing myself to get more involved.

I joined the Catholic Women of the Chapel last year but this year I’ve pushed myself to do more, I attend Faith Study and Knitting, which is a little tough since its Friday Nights.
(But its been so nice to knit again, I never realized how much I missed it!)

I also joined PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel), but so far its just been their weekly meetings.

The best thing to ever happen to our little family is finding NPSP (New Parent Support Program) Bhaer and I started Mommy and Me Playgroup in September and now we do just about every event they offer. It has really been a Godsend ❤

Aside from that I just keep my eyes peeled on MWR.
For example, Bhaer and I went to the tree lighting ceremony on Post.
(Saw the Big Guy and the Mrs….Bhaer was not amused.)

I am looking forward to the Spring because although I’m trying my best to keep busy,
this cold weather has been kicking our butts!

First Teddy had the sniffles, then I got sick, then Stan got sick, then Bhaer, then me, then Stan again and fingers crossed this sore throat I got Tuesday morning will go away before Sunday’s Super Bowl Party!

Well, wish us Luck!

Thank you for Reading!!



Women’s March 2018 – “My BODY My CHOICE My COUNTRY My VOICE.”

Women’s March 2018

I am so proud and grateful of my gender.

To all of the Women [and men] who marched this weekend, I salute you.

I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer but there are too many times when the best intentions go unfulfilled. But to think that so many people wanted to march and actually went to the streets to protest is just nothing less than inspiring.

It’s easy to feel hopeless in today’s world.

I’ve spent most of my life thirsty for female empowerment. I didn’t walk around the playground telling kids that Girls Rule and Boys Drool though I am sure those words did come out of my mouth more than once… No, I just wanted to know why everyone was a Boy. Boys had, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Pluto, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Batman, Superman and Bart Simpson to name a few. Girls had, Minnie Mouse, Wonder Woman, Daisy Duck and Lisa Simpson. (Note Lola Bunny didn’t arrive on the scene until the ’90s.) I’m not saying that I disliked who we had, I just wanted more female characters.

Luke Skywalker was my favorite character because I desperately wanted to be a Jedi and it absolutely killed me that Leia never picked up a lightsaber.

I had to use my imagination a lot as a child, pretending to be Indiana Jones’s daughter, Anna, pretending to be Luke Skywalker’s daughter, Luca, pretending to be James Bond’s daughter, Jessica… my imagination was kinda limited okay.

But now my children will grow up in a world with a female Jedi! Wonder Woman is the favorite member of the Justice League! And Lisa Simpson….is, well, she’s still not a huge fan favorite but my friends and I sure love her!

Don’t get me wrong we still have a looong way to go, but let me say this, when I was a young woman, I felt like feminism was like 3D, something that made a comeback every few decades or so. I hate to say that but doesn’t it feel like we take one step forward only to be dragged three steps back? But now, I feel hopeful. This feels like the masses aren’t giving up anytime soon. And that feels pretty darn good.

Back to my weekend, I found this knitter on Instagram who found this real simple way to knit a P*ssy Hat. Being an extremely experienced scarf and pot holder knitter this was right up my alley. So easy in fact, I was able to finish the hat in a week. Just in time for the Women’s March!

I don’t want to sound like I’m making excuses because it really stinks that we couldn’t march this year. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a march in our town this year. We could’ve drove 3 hours to a bigger city but a germ has been making the rounds on my family until finally all three of us came down with a cough/sorethroat at the same time… hazar.

Click here for a picture of my new hat!

Again, I salute all of my sisters,
May our fires have an eternal flame.

Thank you for Reading.


I love being a Mom

I can’t believe I’m really a Mommy!

As I said in my second to last post, it’s been rather a long time since I actually had a chance to sit down and write. I feel like I’m constantly trying to do 5 things at once..unsuccessfully might I add.

I usually don’t like to toot my own horn or brag about my accomplishments.

I was raised to be humble and lovable 😛

So when people ask me, How do I like Motherhood? My go to phrase is: Oh aside from being tired, blah blah blah. I didn’t realize this, yada yada yada.

But the other night when my dearest Derby phoned, and simply asked me,
Do you love it?

I stumbled to get out my usual answer, stopped myself and just said,

Yeah, I do.

Because, yeah, I really do love being a Mom.

Don’t get me wrong, its hard having to think ahead whenever we go out.

I get self conscious when he starts crying in public. I’m trying to get over the whole stigma of breastfeeding him in front of people…(I actually fed him during lunch when we had our solo meal together downtown. (I didn’t make eye contact with anyone…))

But I know with time, as I get to know him and he gets to know me, things will get easier…and then a lot harder and then easier and then harder and so on and so forth.

Right now, I absolutely love spending my days with him.
Feed Him, Burp Him, Change Him.
Carry him while he sleeps.
I can’t wait for that moment when he will start kissing me back or when his little arms will reach out for me.

I can’t wait for when he starts holding my hand or when he’ll ask me to read to him or to draw for him.

But I also don’t want this time to end because this tiny little human is all mine.
Mine to me. And I’m all his.

Yes, I miss the “freedom” of just heading to a movie or attending a sip & paint but those are minor things that I’ll be getting back to soon enough.

For now, I’m just going to see where life takes me and enjoy the adventure.

Thank you for Reading

Farewell Old Friend

The Great Movie Ride

My family and I are no stranger to Disney.  My Grandfather started buying me their films when my Mom got pregnant and my parents first took me to Magic Kingdom when I was 18 months old.

We used to love Magic Kingdom, Minnie’s House, Pirates of the Caribbean, Cinderella’s Castle. We were content with the familiar. So, we didn’t pay too much attention to the newest addition, “MGM Studios” which opened in 1989. In fact, due to an Islander/Lightning game we rushed through our first visit. I can still remember playing with my new Tinker Bell doll while looking out the back window as the park shrank into the distance.

It was a funny introduction to our future favorite park. Because it was just that. MGM aka Hollywood Studios quickly became our favorite.

Being huge Movie Buffs we loved everything about the cinema themed park. Muppet Vision, Animation (with the Robin Williams cartoon), Superstar Television. Remember when that was changed to Doug? What about the original Studio BackLot Tour, complete with the houses from The Golden Girls, Adventures in Wonderland and George of the Jungle tree house. Remember when the Osborne family would decorate for Christmas? The List just goes on and on.

But even counting Indiana Jones, Star Tours, Tower of Terror and even after they put in the Rockin Roller Coaster.

Our ultimate, all time favorite ride in all of Walt Disney World was always:

The Great Movie Ride

And today is its last ride.

It’s a moment I’ve been dreading for years.  I’ve heard rumors about changing it and closing its doors but the rumors always turned out to be just rumors.

A part of me is happy that our beloved ride will be closing with some dignity instead of being dragged and picked clean of all its uniqueness as The Studio BackLot tour was.

But that’s not without saying, the Great Movie Ride has lost some of its charm over the years.

It went from feeling like you were really riding the movies to the tour guides just going through the motions. And that was truly a sad sight to see.

Everything about The Great Movie Ride was perfect. It had history, music, bubbles, horror, romance, animation, action and adventure….and air conditioning. The fact that it took place inside one of, if not the most famous movie theater of all time is just the icing on the cake.

My Dad and I would make it a point to ride it more than once. During one visit we rode our favorite ride four times. A feat we still reminisce.

It got to the point where I could recite every word, even the lines from the trailers in the beginning and hum the music from the movie mashup at the end. I’ve gotten signatures in my autograph book from different tour guides over the years. And for the first 10 years I definitely closed my eyes and jumped in between my parents during the Alien scene…but let’s keep that under our hats, shall we?

My Dad and I would count the munchkins in the Wizard of Oz scene on every ride…16, 18! No, 17? (We enjoyed it 🙂 )

We thought it was the coolest thing when they added the Western Bank robbing scene to spice things up. So it got to be a thrill to see if we’d get Gangsters or Cowboys.

The ride has gone through so many transformations and we’ve embraced each one. I was even ready to give Robert Osborn’s voiceover a try.

But as I said, I’m glad the ride won’t be dragged through the mud any longer. I just wish they would put another movie ride in its place. What’s wrong with having Mickey visit different Disney films?

But I digress.

I’m glad we have the memories. Disney has so much history for generations of so many families. We’ve ridden The Great Movie Ride with Grandparents, Cousins and friends. I’m glad I was able to ride it with my husband.

I only wish my son could have seen it. I wish so much that we could’ve counted the munchkins together.

But at least we got to go on one last ride. Just us.

The original Three.

Thank you for Reading.

Welcome Bhaer ♡

You’re probably wondering who Bhaer is and if I ever had that baby I couldn’t stopping talking about three months ago.

First off…

it’s a BOY!

I apologize that it’s taken me this long to update you all…but Babies really do keep you busy!

Our little buddy, Bhaer was born back in April.

And the experience has been surreal ever since.

I still can hardly believe I actually gave birth to this little human, let alone that I’m actually a Mother. I made it! I’m in the club!


Giving birth was nothing like I expected it would be.

I thought it was going to be PAINFUL. I thought by the end I would be drenched in sweat from pushing and completely exhausted. So, I wore a headband in anticipation.

First off, I took the Epidural. I was hesitant, because my Mom had gone natural with me and I thought it would be an experience I would regret not feeling…

All the doctors told me not to go natural. I listened but was still set on, seeing how it would go. The one advice that did strike a chord, was “I like my mothers rested.” My Mom almost had an emergency C-section due to exhaustion  and I was really afraid of that.

And after experiencing close to 33 hours of contractions, I was ready for the epidural. And after that there was no pain.

and no sweat… the hardest thing about the experience was that I couldn’t feel where they were telling me to push. So the nurses had to improvise.
But like him, I was in no hurry, I just wanted him to arrive when he was ready.
So we waited and it was perfect.

All of my cousins said that their birth stories were perfect births. From the ones who went natural, to the epidurals and the c-sections. They told me that they had made the right choice and its true. Your own birth story is your perfect birth. Because I wouldn’t change a thing about how little Bhaer arrived into this world ❤

Thank you for Reading


5th of July 2017

Happy 4th of July!!

We kept it pretty low key yesterday.

Stan made some awesome burgers, his version of the Big Mac ❤

Since it was just the two of us plus, our babies who can’t eat chocolate, I decided to skip my annual American Flag Brownies made with Strawberries, Blueberries, icing -_-

Instead I used those berries to create a fresh and healthy fused water. It was good but I still prefer good ol’ cucumbers in my water.

For dessert I created this “Freedom Jello” concoction.
A dish I have always wanted to try, consisting of blueberry jello, something white and cherry jello. Stan chose cookies and cream pudding. Everything was going fine, except for when I added the layer of cherry jello. At first it seeped through the layer of pudding. So I decided to let it sit longer. I then froze it for a bit and added the Cherry. Success!
Or so I thought. It never molded. Even after sitting in my refrigerator over night.
Now, I’m not sure where I went wrong. It’s currently in the freezer…which in hindsight is probably a bad idea. Maybe the pudding was where I went wrong?

I think next time I’ll get fancy and use Cool Whip…or would that be less fancy than pudding?

Something that was a success however…
Grilled Watermelon!

I saw this recipe on Facebook for Watermelon Pizza. Not a big fan of all the toppings but grilling the watermelon. Now that looked good.

I added oil, lemon juice, little sugar to the watermelon, then Salt n Pepper. Then Stan grilled them for about 2-3 minutes per side.

When I first bit into them, I was skeptical. The hotness of the melon was overpowering but once they cooled off they were to die for ❤

I will definitely be making them again!

Aside from food…

It was still Bhaer’s first 4th of July and doggone it, I wanted it to be special. We dressed him in a special little romper his GiGi bought for him.
I wanted to get sparklers (which are apparently just as dangerous as other fireworks!) but they didn’t sell them at our Grocery Store. …A fact my Mom was flabbergasted that I was not aware of… Did you know they don’t sell fireworks at Grocery Stores! 😛 oops.

But our neighborhood has been setting off fireworks for the past four days, so Bhaer got to see Fireworks after all 😀

Are fireworks on 4th of July important for you?

Check out my menu on Instagram!

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Augusta Burgers and Beer Week 2017

Augusta Burgers and Beer  Week 2017

  1. Apple Smoked Pork Belly Burger
    -stuffed with cream cheese
    -topped with a sweet & spicy sauce
    – a smoked and caramelized pork belly
    -red onion
    -and a granny smith apple slice
    -served on a toasted brioche bun.

    ~This burger was delicious at first bite, I really enjoyed the crunch of the Green apple but there was not enough of it. Also, the cream cheese got a little old.

    –Side Note: This burger won first place last year and it was recommended that we try it first this year. Our waitress was very enthusiastic about the whole event. She gave us beer cozies and took our picture with the burger.

  2. The Ale Yeah Burger!
    -topped with smoky bacon
    -pimento cheese
    -onion strings
    -papa lou’s secret sauce
    -served on a toasted brioche

    ~This burger was nice and juicy but not very memorable in terms of contest worthy entry.

  3. Hail Mary Burger
    -topped with fried pickles
    -served between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

    ~I usually don’t LOVE cheese on my burgers but having a grilled cheese with my burger was absolutely delicious. Who knew it was such a great combo!? This was my favorite burger for a while.

  4. The Big Mic
    -two all beef patties
    -topped with special sauce
    -served on a three layer delicious seedless bun.
    -topped with three baby pickles! ❤

    ~My husband named this their version of the Big Mac. Again I really enjoyed this burger, it had everything a burger should have but there was nothing that screamed Vote for me!

    –Side Note: Being a Pickle fiend, I was really excited for the three pickles they top the bun with. Unfortunately they were nothing to write home about.

  5. The Holy Shiitake Burger
    -topped with garlic aioli
    -mushroom trio
    -caramelized onions
    -provolone, montemore cheese & shaved parmesan
    -served on a brioche bun

    ~I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms, but husband likes mushrooms, so I thought, “What the Hell”. I was not disappointed. I prefer Lettuce and Tomatoes with my patty but this had an interesting taste to it.

    –Side Note: I was disappointed with out waiter, when we asked about the Contest Burger he disregarded it and pretty much rolled his eyes at the whole thing. Definitely made me think twice about voting for their entry.

  6. The Cajun Burger
    -cajun seasoned beef patty
    -topped with lettuce
    -cajun mayonnaise
    -spicy dijon
    -your choice of cheese
    -served on a french baguette.

    ~This was one of two Burgers I was very excited to taste. It was a bit too spicy for my liking but the cheese and Mayo helped with not making it over powering.

  7. Smoked Gouda Nacho Burger
    -topped with fresh fried tortilla strips
    -smoked gouda nacho sauce
    -black bean pico de gallo
    -spicy sour cream
    -fresh cilantro
    -served on a brioche bun

    ~This was the other Burger I was most excited to taste. I was NOT disappointed. The Fried Tortilla Strips gave the burger a delicious crunch.

    *This was my favorite burger.

  8. The Southern Spin
    -topped with fat man’s pimento cheese
    -lettuce and tomato
    -served on a bed of fried pickles
    -bistro sauce
    -served on an all toasted bun.

    ~The Fried pickles and bistro sauce really put this burger over the top. Very satisfying.

  9. M & J’s Prime Time Burger
    -topped with shaved prime rib
    -sauteed mushroom & onions
    -swiss cheese
    -signature mark and jerry’s steak sauce
    -served on a bun

    ~This burger was good but we weren’t blown away.

  10. “Beef 3 Ways” Burger
    -topped with smoked gouda cheese (double time)
    -slow cooked and smoked steak
    -billion island sauce
    -smoked tomato
    -beer soaked onions
    -veal demi-glace gravy
    -served on a butter toasted bun

    ~This was a close second for 1st. The Steak was juicy and delicious.

Don’t forget to check out Instagram for a glimpse of each delicious burger!

I ended up eating 10 of the 13 burgers.
I enjoyed each and every one of them
I’m looking forward to seeing if we can do at least 11 next year

Bon Appetit




May the 4th Be with You – 2017

May the 4th Be with You

In case you’re not into pop culture and haven’t been on the internet, today is May the 4th, as in May the Fourth Force Be With You a.k.a. Star Wars Day. My husband astutely believes that May the 4th is a hokey day for everyone to just boast about being such a huge Star Wars fan. I for one, just like the excuse to watch Star Wars all day…though in all honesty I don’t need an excuse. After the movies, I found one of the Ewok adventures on youtube. But I think that’s a post best left for another day…

Last year I managed to watch all of 7 Star Wars films, plus the Ewok Adventure.
This year I just watched two.
Rogue One and A New Hope.

Since the beginning most scenes for all of the Star Wars films have been filmed in the UK. Yet, location is not the only British  tie to Star Wars and no, I’m not referring to Alec Guinness. The first known use of the phrase, “May the Fourth be with You” occurred two years after the release of A New Hope. When on May 4th, 1979, Margaret Thatcher was elected Britain’s first female Prime Minister. The Conservative party took out an advertisement in the London Evening News which states “May the Fourth be with you, Maggie. Congratulations”.

Isn’t that wild? I will leave you with that bit of trivia.

I did a little Disney Bounding.
I dressed as Padme from Revenge of the Sith.

Click here to see the result! 

I hope you’re all having a wonderful 4th!

Thank you for Reading!


Thank you, Max…for that marvelous introduction.

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed my blogging challenge this past month.

We’ve gone through quite the roster of villains, from TV to Movies, Comics and beyond.

We explored both Women and Men, maybe not the worst of the worst but definitely a few nasty baddies in there.

Once again, I just really enjoyed sharing trivia as well as my thoughts with you.

I know I didn’t get to finish all of my drawings but hopefully I can catch up on them at some point this month.

Thank you again for keeping up with my A to Z Challenge.

I hope you all have a wonderful May!