Drawlloween 19 : “Don’t make me drop a house on you.”

Witchcraft Wednesday

Sabrina Spellman

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina made her comic book debut¬†in¬†Archie’s Mad House #22 in October 1962.¬†Created by writer,¬†George Gladir and artist, Dan DeCarlo. Sabrina became a fan favorite, so much that in 1970 she was given her own animated series,¬†Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. (The first of many). But her success in television really took off in the ’90s, with the live action,¬†Sabrina, the Teenage Witch¬†and¬†Sabrina, the Animated Series, along with the 1996 TV movie…surprise, surprise,¬†Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Sabrina is half witch on her dad’s side, half human on her moms, a regular¬†Half-Blood in¬†Harry Potter terms. Sabrina lives in Greendale, a neighboring town to Archie’s Riverdale with her Father’s sisters, Aunt¬†Hilda and Aunt Zelda. As well as, Salem Saberhagen a wizard who has been turned into a black cat as punishment. (Salem was always my favorite character, just like Binx is my favorite character from Hocus Pocus‚̧ )

Sabrina plays a rather important role in Afterlife with Archie, she’s the one who inadvertently starts the Zombie Apocalypse

This fall Sabrina will make her reboot debut in Jughead’s new comics.

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Drawlloween 18 : “Beware that his shadow doth not burden your dreams with horrible fears.”


DAY 18

Based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the German film, Nosferatu was made in 1922 and distributed in the US on June 3rd, 1929. The screenplay was written by,¬†Henrik Galeen and directed by,¬†F.W. Murnau. Murnau did not have permission from Stoker’s Widow to use¬†his book, so certain changes had to be made, most significant being the ending. In fact it was in this film that the popular belief that sunlight is lethal to Vampires was born.

Werner Herzog considers this film to be the best German film of all time, and in 1979, he remade it into Nosferatu the Vampyre. By the time Herzog made his remake the copyright for Dracula had expired, Herzog wanted to follow the same plot as the original Nosferatu, so the only changes he made were to the names, for example: changing Count Orlok back to Count Dracula.

Herzog filmed¬†two versions of the film per the request of the¬†distributor 20th Century Fox. There was a German version and a version for English-Speaking audiences, so the actor’s real voices could be heard in both. Herzog noted that the German version was more authentic.

I had always wanted to see Nosferatu, but I had a hard time getting my hands on a copy¬†and¬†since it’s a silent film I never gave myself the time. I first saw Nosferatu a few years ago.¬†It was October, I was stuck in Stan’s apartment while he was at work and Nosferatu was on Netflix, so I thought, what the hell…and I was not disappointed.

We also came face to face with Nosferatu aka Count Orlok¬†when we dared to venture into the House of Horrors at Universal Studios. I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to dark rides and spook houses but it was a long line so I had time to collect myself…or so I thought. I was wearing my Back to the Future shirt and the woman at the front of the line was a fan and sent us¬†to the front…Lucky Me.

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Nosferatu plays a rather important role in season 5 HOTEL regarding Lady Gaga’s¬†Countess and the Vampires who turned her…



Drawlloween 17 : “Sometimes science is a lot more art, than science. A lot of people don’t get that.”

Mad Science Monday

I don’t know about you but I love Adult Swim.

I started watching it when they put Family Guy and Futurama on…sure, it was Hell on my sleep schedule but great for trivia night. The original content used to scare me and honestly, gross me out. But slowly a few shows grew on me,
Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law and Moral Orel.

Stan introduced me to our current obsession,
Rick and Morty.

When this series premiered I was hesitant to watch it because I thought they were making fun of my favorite film, Back to the Future. And as it turns out, it kinda was…ūüė¶
The series was originally inspired by a short called The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti. Many people wrongly believe that this was the pilot episode for Rick and Morty. This short was intended to offend Universal but creator, Justin Roiland began to really like the voices he was developing. As a result he began to distance himself from the short.

Since the show has become popular, Roiland has included several subtle references into the series.¬†In the show’s Season 2 Episode 7 : “Big Trouble in Little Sanchez,” Tiny Rick draws a picture of himself that says “HELP ME” which Summer finds is drawn in the style of “Doc” from “The Real Adventures of Doc and Mharti.”

~some fun facts~

The show’s theme song is a parody of “Doctor Who” and “Tintin.”

Beth Smith is a Horse Doctor who happens to be blond. Her voice actor, Sarah Chalke has played two other blonde doctors over the years. Dr. Elliot Reid in Scrubs and Stella Zinman  in How I Met Your Mother.

Bryan Cranston auditioned for the role of Jerry while the show was in development.

Rick is never seen wearing a seat belt:
Exhibit A
Exhibit B

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Drawlloween 16 : “Awoooooo-oooooooo, that feels good.”

:Full Moon:

I love the Wolf Man.

The lore is just so mysterious and fascinating…yet tragic.

During a full moon, a person becomes half man-half wolf.
that person loses all bodily control and becomes beastly.

The Wolf Man came out on December 12, 1941.¬†Lon Chaney Jr¬†played the Wolf Man, however, his character is never once refereed to as the wolf man. Chaney went on to reprise his Wolf Man in five other films. Chaney was the only actor out of Universal’s Classic Monsters to portray the same Monster in the original film as well as its sequels.

The village Church scenes were shot on the set of the legendary¬†silent film “Hunchback of Notre Dame” set. The same set which Chaney’s father, Lon Chaney had played Quasimodo in 1923.

Did you know that the Wolf Man was never intended to be seen on screen?
Writer, Curt Siodmak originally left the Wolf Man transformation ambiguous, so that the audience would have to decide whether it was a physical transformation or if it only happened mentally. The studio felt a physical transformation scene would be more engaging for the audience.

According to the documentary on the Recent Wolf Man DVD collection, the idea for the Wolf Man came from Siodmak’s experience living in Nazi Germany. How his life went from normal to chaotic, just like how Wolf Man, Larry Talbot’s normal life is thrown into chaos once he becomes the Wolf Man.

The Wolf Man can also be seen as a metaphor for Germany’s youth. “An otherwise good man who is transformed into a vicious killing animal who knows who his next victim will be when he sees the symbol of a pentagram (i.e., a star) on them.”

Werewolves and Wolf Men have been retold and parodied in popular culture.

Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf

Professor Lupin in the Harry Potter series

Jacob in the Twilight series

and countless others…

though my personal favorite parody would have to be Wolf Man Jerry

Awoooooo-oooooooo, that feels good!

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and remember…

“Even a man who is pure at heart, and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.”

Drawlloween 15 : “You think I’m going to stay here with you in this? This sin wagon?”

Drive-In Creature Feature

Drive in movies are an absolute treat.

When I was little¬†my Aunt had a friend who worked for a Drive-In, so for a short time, we used to go all the time. There’s something so wholesome and fun about heading out with your loved ones to the Drive-In. Enjoying a movie on the big screen, while people-watching from the comfort¬†of your car.

The first horror movie I ever saw at the Drive-In was Scream 4. Well, actually the first scary movie I saw at a Drive-In was Congo…but that’s a long story… I saw Scream 4 with some friends during school. It was the first time I went to a Drive-In since my time as a child. We watched a double-feature. Scream 4 and Source Code. That’s another great thing about Drive-Ins, two films for the price of oneūüėÄ

Two of my favorite films that feature Drive-Ins are
Twister and Grease.

Twister : Did you know there was an Urban Legend surrounding this film? The Legend goes, in Stoney Creek, Ontario, a tornado hit the cinema while the Drive-In movie scene from Twister was playing. The truth is, a tornado hit Thorold, Ontario damaging a screen. The tornado hit during the day but that evening Twister was scheduled to play.

Grease : Remember the scene when Danny sings, Sandy, sitting on the swings at the Drive-In? Director, Randal Kleiser came up with that idea. He was inspired by the swing set at his hometown Drive-In in Lebanon, PA.

What’s your favorite Drive-In memory??

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Drawlloween 14 : I AM THE PUMPKIN KING

Scarecrow Row

If I am one thing, I am and will forever be a child at heart.
I’m a sucker for all things cute and traditional. I love baking cookies and watching Rudolph at Christmas, Green Foods on¬†St. Patrick’s Day and Pumpkin carving, Dressing up and Horror Movies¬†around¬†Halloween.

One Halloween tradition I am very much looking forward to reestablishing once I have children is building scarecrows. That’s one of those traditions you really need a kid.

Some of my favorite scarecrows are from pop culture…surprise.surprise.

Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz,
(Did you ever think of the¬†Scarecrow and Dorothy as a romantic couple? Apparently you’re not alone. As part of the original story, Hunk (aka the human version of Scarecrow) was going to leave the farm for agricultural college. But before he leaves Dorothy promises to write to him, which some believe hints at a slight romantic vibe.)

The Scarecrow from the Batman Comics,
(The Scarecrow made his comic book debut during the Fall of 1941 in¬†World’s Finest Comics #3. During his early days in comics it was revealed that Crane was bullied throughout his childhood and often compared to¬†Ichabod Crane from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.)

and my personal favorite,

the brief moment in the beginning of The Nightmare Before Christmas
when Jack was a Scarecrow.
(Jack Skellington is known as The Pumpkin King. The bearer of this title is the scariest creature to exist. Jack makes a special cameo in Tim Burton’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow as the Pumpkin King.)

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?
Specifically, HalloweenūüėČ

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Drawlloween Day 13 : Thursday the 13th

Thursday the Thirteenth

I’m not a huge fan of Friday the 13th.
My tiny bit of fandom really stems from my appreciation of horror
and whenever the 13th lands on a Friday during the year.

The story just doesn’t grab me. I mean it’s probably fair to say this about any slasher film but each sequel seems like basically the same exact film. Though I did find¬†Freddy vs. Jason¬†fun and the 2009 remake was an interesting concept.¬†Friday the 13th (2009) takes place over several years and takes ideas spanning over several films in the series.

And to be honest, I love a good-looking villain. Jason doesn’t have a big part in Friday the 13th.¬†(His mother was the murderer…clever.). Jason makes his debut in Friday the 13th Part II but is wearing a burlap sack. He doesn’t wear his iconic Hockey Mask until the third installment of the franchise.

Speaking of Hockey Masks,¬†Jason’s¬†original mask was sculpted out of an old Detroit Red Wings goalie mask. The original mask was too small and needed to be enlarged.

Writer, Victor Miller originally named his villain, Josh, but considered it sounded too nice. So, he decided to change it to Jason after a school bully.

Including the entire Friday the 13th franchise, Jason has killed a total of 167 people.

The original Friday the 13th was filmed at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in Hardwick, NJ.

If you want to learn more on Friday the 13th, there’s a pretty cool documentary that came out in 2013 called,¬†Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th.

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Drawlloween Day 12 : “No, it’s pronounced ‘eye-gor.'”

I’ve Got a Hunchback

In honor of Halloween, let’s talk about Igor…no, not Ygor.

Igor is most famously known as the assistant to Dr. Frankenstein. Even though he does not appear in the original book by Mary Shelley. In the 1931 film version of Frankenstein, Dr. Frankenstein has a lab assistant but his name is Fritz. In the sequels to Frankenstein, Son of Frankenstein (1939) and The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942) instead of a hunchback named Igor,  a black smith with a twisted back named Ygor appears.

In¬†Mel Brooks‘ 1974 comedy classic, Young Frankenstein, Marty Feldman¬†plays Igor (Eye-Gor) to Gene Wilder‘s¬†Dr. Frederick Frankenstein (Fronk-un-steen).¬†The parody was nominated for 2 Academy Awards, one being Best Writing for Gene Wilder and Mel Brooks’ script.

~Some Igor Facts~

Marty Feldman started switching the side of  his hump sub-rosa for the first few days of filming. Once the cast noticed, it was written into the script.

Igor makes a brief appearance playing the piano when Dr. Frankenstein and the monster are performing,¬†Puttin’ on the Ritz.

Apparently, the scene when Igor tells Dr. Frankenstein to “walk this way” influenced one of the best Aerosmith songs Walk this Way!¬†After seeing the film, they found that line so catchy and funny that they decided to name their next song after it. Now, all they needed were the lyrics…

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-Post Script-

During the A to Z Challenge I wrote a blog post in honor of my¬†favorite Hunchback, Quasimodo,¬†Q : QUASIMODO ‚ÄúThese Chains aren’t what’s holding you back, Quasimodo.‚ÄĚ