Yesterday, Today n’ Tomorrow – Random Acts of Christmas Kindness 2016


:Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow:

Yesterday, Wednesday, December 7th, Donate Food to your Local Shelter:

There’s a Food Pantry  in the Methodist Church where I used to go to for my Vacation Bible School. But I always forget about items people always forget to donate and turns out to be what people need the most. Items such as Feminine Products. So, I’d like to start “remembering” to donate those products to the pantry, homeless shelter and wherever they’re needed.

Today, Thursday, 08 December, Let Someone Go Ahead of You in Line:

Here’s another “slacker” act of kindness…I do this all the time. Some times to be kind, but I do it a lot when I’m just not sure if I’m ready for the commitment to place my order.
So I don’t know how “kind” that actually counts.


Tomorrow, Friday, 09 December, Take Coffee to your Teacher:

I hope she’s too busy to read my Post, but since I no longer have a teacher, I decided to send a Starbucks Card to my favorite teacher…my mother-in-law!


The Random Act of Kindness Foundation,

Day 08 : Leave a Friendly Note Where Someone will Find It.

Thank you for Reading!

And in case I don’t see you,
Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night

7.December.1941 (2016)

God Bless America

I’ve been passionate about the War in the Pacific for as long as I can remember.

My Paternal Grandfather served in the Pacific during the war.

While my Maternal Grandfather was my very first teacher on the subject.

When I studied World War II in school we never really touched on the War in the Pacific. To be honest we didn’t really reach WWII that often in history class and when we did we focused on the Holocaust.

It’s important to learn as much as we can from history,
and I think an important lesson from the attack on Pearl Harbor is Unity.
We came together as a nation that day.
Many people opposed the US involvement in the War in Europe but after December 7th they wanted to fight.

I know I sound like a broken record but it’s so important now more than ever to remember the strength we have in ourselves. The strength we have when we come together as a nation. We may just be one person, one voice, and its easy to think that we can’t make a difference,

but I’ll let Disney explain:

The Emperor of China from Mulan,

“A single grain of rice can tip the scale. One man may be the difference between victory and defeat.”

or maybe listen to a villain’s point of view,
Hopper from A Bug’s Life,

“You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up! Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one and if they ever figure that out there goes our way of life! It’s not about food, it’s about keeping those ants in line.”

I’m not trying to compare the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor to recent Political events,
I’m focusing on the Strength of the American spirit.

Our ancestors were faced with a difficult task and they went in guns blazing.

and here we are 75 years later
with a country divided.

Personally, I think we can either give up and watch from the sidelines as decisions are made for us.


We can jump into action.
Not everyone volunteered to go off to War.
Just look at our Women at home,
they worked in factories, ran food drives, collected metal
and kept the family together.

There is so much that we can be doing,
just staying informed can make a world of difference.

I’m going to get off my soap box now and let you all have a good night’s rest.

I’m Proud to be an American.
Tonight I pray and salute all the men and women who lost their lives 75 years ago today.

Thank you for Reading

and don’t forget:
Day 07 : Make Cards for Nursing Home Residents.

Post-Post Script

although he’s not my favorite host,
I’ll leave this quote from Trevor Noah here for you:

“Let’s Not Be Divided. Divided People Are Easier to Rule.”

God Bless America

Cookies, Toys, Jokes & Hugs : Random Acts of Christmas Kindness 2016

Things have been a little busy around here,
We were driving most of Saturday with Annie and Gracie in the car.

So, since we were on the move, I had to postpone a few of my acts of kindness.

Saturday, Bake Cookies for your neighbor:

I was a little nervous about giving cookies to a neighbor, since I’m a grown adult and seriously, who wants random cookies from an adult? But there’s still a few neighbors in our hood who remembers when I was a kid, so I decided why not and brought some over to our next door neighbor who lost her husband a few years back.

Sunday, Donate Toys to your Favorite Charity:

At first this was a tough one because I don’t have any favorite charities that take toy collections but then I remembered the Christmas Tree Gift Tags they have at Church. You know how they have the Christmas Trees with tags with children’s names and what they want for Christmas? I “helped” my Mom when I was little and once I was old enough to participate, it’s become one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I believe some people call them Angel Trees?

Monday, Tell silly jokes to make someone laugh:

This is where things got a bit odd. But then again, I was raised to believe
Laughter is the Best Medicine.
So, I’m usually goofier than the average bear
and I firmly promote the use of comedy over tragedy.

Tuesday, Make a Hug Coupon for someone:

and of course, today I made a hug coupon for Stan😛
Though Stan doesn’t need a coupon for a hug.

Here are the random acts of kindness posted by
The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
from the past 4 days:

Day o3 : Donate a toy to a local charity.

Day 04 : Talk to someone new.

Day o5 : Say something Kind to someone.

Day 06 : Mail a Surprise package to someone you know.

I hope you’re all enjoying your December!

Thank you for Reading.

“Give a Hoot! Don’t Pollute!”

Once more and I know I’ll probably have this feeling all month.
I feel like such a slacker.

Today, I picked up some trash while we were out.

I usually do that when I see something glaring out at me, especially if there’s a waste bin nearby. But of course, today everything seemed unusually clean.

I said that I feel like a slacker because I really want to do more than just the “bare minimum.” I’m reminded of my High School days when we were assigned to all school clean ups around campus or when I would volunteer with my sorority to pick up trash near the river. That actually felt like we were accomplishing something.

But then that’s the point isn’t it?

It’s the little things that really make the difference.

My Grandfather always stressed the importance of not littering and picking up trash.
Especially if it’s on your property or the property of a loved ones.
Something I try to adhere to, to this day.

So, I’ll leave you with these immortal words from
Woodsy Owl.

“Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute!”

Thank you for Reading!

Post Script

From The Random Act of Kindness Foundation:

Day 02 : Write a letter and send it by mail.

Happy December!

Hard to believe there’s just one month left of 2016, 30 Days.

Today’s Random Act of Christmas Kindness is to write letters to a solider.

I was able to cheat a little today,

I just wrote a nice letter to my Stan…:-P

Plus, while finishing our Christmas cards,

I wrote out about 10 Holiday Cards for Soldiers and their families…
(Of course that’s only counting Active Duty)

Although I fulfilled this step on the list as I stated above, I feel like I cheated.
I know this isn’t enough.

So, I’ve decided to send out a Christmas Care Package.

I’m going to do some research into this.

I’ll let you know what I come up with.

In other News:

We went to the movies.

I really wanted to see Moana…but of course, I was outvoted.

We went to see Allied, starring Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt.

I love Marion Cotillard, I’ve been a fan since Big Fish!

But I’m not a huge fan of Brad Pitt.
Which to be fair mostly has to do with his personal life (which I know isn’t fair).

But Allied was a good film, very enjoyable.
I found the scenes especially featuring Marion Cotillard to be very gripping.
In fact, the only thing I didn’t like about the film was that she wasn’t in every scene…which of course, she couldn’t be.

Okay, that wasn’t the only thing I didn’t like about the film, but I just found my mind wandering thinking about when her next scene would appear.

I really like Lizzy Caplan, but I don’t get her character. She plays Pitt’s sister, whose main trait apparently was that she’s a Lesbian. I feel like she and her partner, played by Game of Thrones actress Charlotte Hope, was just put in there for Shock value. Caplan played an outspoken woman but she reminded me too much of Ursula Zandt from Watchmen. Both of which I wanted to see more from then what we got on-screen.

Let me know your thoughts on Allied

and if you wrote to a Soldier.

Thank you for Reading!

Post Script

The Random Act of Kindness Foundation is doing 31 Days of Kindness,

Today is: Tell Someone why you love them.

Random Act of Christmas Kindness 2016

Okay, I’m going to begin with saying, I know this is for kids…

But, I can and if you decide to join me, you can tweak these to make them work for you.

To piggyback on November 13th’s World Kindness Day,

I want to continue spreading Kindness into the world.
Especially through these dark times.

I found this Calendar and thought what better way to celebrate Christmas than

.24 Acts of Kindness.

Random Act of Christmas Kindness 2016

click here to get a your own copy…or, well, you know a copy for your kid.

Let me know if you join in


I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Let’s stay Happy and be Kind together!

Thank you for Reading.

Goodbye, November!

Thanksgiving Cake: “What If Today We Were Just Grateful For Everything.”

Due to Family obligations
Today we are having a Dress Rehearsal of sorts.

So, the good news is, I’ll be preparing a dish I would otherwise not have the opportunity to concoct. But before I continue with the pièce de résistance let me first give some thanks.

I am Thankful for being an American, for living in a country full of diversity and people who are willing to fight tooth and nail for those Freedoms.

I am Thankful for Artists, Painters, Writers, Directors, Actors, All of the people who give their time to creating things for other people.

I am Thankful for my Aunts, Uncles and for each and every one of my cousins, even if we don’t see eye to eye anymore or hang out on a daily basis with one another, I’m grateful for their presence in my life. They’ve helped shape me into the person I am today.

I am Thankful for my Friends for appreciating my talents and inspiring me to be my best.

I am Thankful for having in-laws who aren’t cliché and awful but truly wonderful, thoughtful people. Who give a lot to the people they love.

I am Thankful for my Grandmother who gives her all for her family.

I am Thankful for Annie and Gracie and all of the animals in this world❤

I am Thankful that I found my true soul mate in Stan, some one who truly understand what makes me tick. I’m forever grateful that we found one another.

and most of all,

I am Thankful for my Parents.
There are too many reasons for being thankful but most importantly,
I am grateful for them teaching me the importance of being a decent human being.

So, last year I recreated a classic “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” this year its a Thanksgiving Cake. It all started  with Facebook. A friend posted this video clip of this incredible cake inspired meal.

I know some people may find this completely disgusting.
But the challenge of it is just too hard for me to pass
especially now that I have a Grand excuse for doing it,
and enough people to actually eat my concoctions.

Here’s What You’ll Need:
Cornbread Mix
Sweet Potatoes
Cornish Hen
Jellied Cranberries

And here’s how you construct it:

  1. Make all your ingredients.
    • Make the Cornbread Mix into cake pieces (Make sure to not make the pieces too thick.)
    • Turn Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes into Mash Potatoes and Mashed Sweet Potatoes.
    • Make Stuffing.
  2. After all of your ingredients are ready, Dollop some mashed potatoes into the middle of the plate.
  3. Place one piece of Cornbread onto the plate and cover it with Stuffing.
  4. Place the second piece of Cornbread on top of the Stuffing. Cover that with Mashed Sweet Potatoes.
  5. Place the third piece of Cornbread on top of the Mashed Sweet Potatoes.
  6. Ice entire cake with Mashed Potatoes.
  7. Add a drip layer of Gravy around the circumference of the top layer.
  8. Add some frills of Mash Potatoes to the cake.
  9. Add Jellied Cranberries.
  10. Add Dowels to support cake and piece of Cardboard.
  11. Place Cooked Cornish Hen to the top of the cake.
  12. Top with Parsley.

And there you go.

Click Here for the Finished Product!

I dedicate this meal to my Grandfathers, Nana and Aunt.
I wish they could enjoy this with us.

Thank you for Reading,
I am truly Thankful for each and every one of you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is Not Normal.

Something good that has come from last Tuesday’s Election Results have been
the Cries for Justice and the Need for Involvement.

I myself have been reading more political articles this week than probably throughout my whole life. My friends and I have been exchanging news and have been discussing our thoughts and ideas. It’s been incredible to have this sudden support group who values your beliefs and don’t consider you to be dramatic or crazy.

I didn’t think I would take this loss as hard as I have.

I’m an Optimist through and through but I never take anything for granted. I always tell people that: I hope for the Best but prepare for the Worst. So, throughout this election season, I always considered Trumps win to be a possibility. When I went to bed at 2AM Tuesday night, I just couldn’t stomach the results. I was hoping for a miracle but I was prepared for the reality of the situation.

But when I woke up, I was angry and I wanted to fight.

But how?
How can I make a difference?
Someone so new to the whole political system and with no foreseeable outlets in sight?

Well, you do your homework.
Stay informed.
Don’t just tune out for the next Four years.

Listen to John Oliver, Donate!
Here’s his List for you:
Women’s Health
Planned Parenthood
The Center for Reproductive Rights
Protect our Planet
International Refugee Assistance Project
Racial Justice
The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Services for LGBTQ youths, ages 13-24.
The Trevor Project
Latino Legal Civil Rights Organization
Journalism in the Public Interest

(He says a lot more than just that so please do yourself a favor & watch the whole episode)

President-Elect Trump: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Listen to Elizabeth Warren, Get Involved!

Senator Warren: ‘We stand up and we fight back’

If you’re looking for places to volunteer click the link below:

Volunteer Match

If you’re like me and you don’t have a lot of places where you can volunteer
here are some other ways you can make a difference.

The Official #GrabYourWallet Boycott List of Companies that Do Business with and/or Back the Trump Family

and this may be the hardest link. If you’re anything like me and hate to make phone calls, here is a list of scripts for you to follow for when you phone your representatives.

“We’re His Problem Now” Calling Sheet

Good Luck!

A friend of mine shared some pretty good advice with me,
“Stop trying to find common ground. We need to work on uneven terrain.
Try this: Find and watch a segment from a legitimate news outlet you disagree with.
Conservatives might try some Rachel Maddow.
Liberals try some Bill O’Reilly.
Whoever makes your blood boil.
Watch it from beginning to end, without responding to it.
Just sit there calmly listening to another POV.
When the video is over, close it and say, “Well, that is one way of looking at it. I disagree.”
Then do it again tomorrow and the next day.
Do it until you are able to listen to it without getting riled up.
Continue to watch those segments until you realize that most of the time, what someone else thinks, has no effect on you.
(And in the rare cases when it does have an effect, you’ll have more energy to fight and you’ll be better informed.)
If we want to be better, we have to practice.

I’ll leave you with this essay by Lady GaGa:


Good Night and have a Pleasant Tomorrow.

Thank you for Reading.

World Kindness Day 2016

When I found out that today was World Kindness Day, I couldn’t help but smile.

What better way to end such a miserable week.

It’s important to voice our opinions and it’s great to be vocal about our beliefs.

But it’s that much greater to be Kind.

Okay, that might just be me voicing my belief,

but in a way that’s pretty much the biggest problem in the world today.

Lack of Kindness.

Think about it, if people were just a little more thoughtful and kinder to people,

If people stopped and put themselves in each others shoes,

instead of just being stuck in their own heads, thinking about themselves,

think where we’d be.

I’m talking about everyone.

If everyone just treated one another with more kindness we can move on to the bigger problems of the world with ease.

If people stopped:

Killing one another,

Injuring one another,

Mentally, Emotionally and Physically abusing one another,

Picking fights with one another,

Name Calling one another,


just plain being thoughtless

just think about how much happier we’d all be.

Now, don’t get me wrong this is a fantasy I’m describing to you.

You know it, I know it, my Dog knows it, but I think you get my point.

With that said,

It all starts with a simple gesture


what better day to start than on

World Kindness Day

and if you’re having trouble coming up with a way to be Kind,

here are 5 super Easy ways you can celebrate!


if you want more of a challenge then try a few from,

100 Ways to Be Kinder

Here’s a link that will help to really put your kindness, political leanings and humanity to the test. Something to help you if you really want to combat Hate.

A Bystander’s Guide to Standing up Against Islamophobic Harassment (and Other Types of Harassment, Too)

Let me know how you found a way to Celebrate in the comment section!

Just Remember to Be Happy & Kind.

Thank you for Reading