So, Stan and I left for the last travel leg of our journey back East dogless.
In hindsight, I’m very glad that we left Annie with her sister.
We’ve been hearing nothing but good things from my parents about how happy the girls are together.
How Annie is just loving the backyard and is just over the moon loving every minute of being with her sister
Meanwhile, we’ve been doing nothing but moving from Hotel to Friend’s House to Hotel to Friend’s Apartment to finally our new Home…

A highlight of which being good ol’ Cracker Barrel. Of course😛
Fun Fact: We love stopping at Cracker Barrel. Safe, Clean, Food and knickknacks to keep you up preoccupied. A Cousin of mine and a Cousin of my Mom who share the same name really don’t like Cracker Barrel.
What are your thoughts?
Yay or Nay?

After 22 days we finally got to our new Post. It seemed pretty hectic. I can’t tell if it’s a bigger than our last Post or not but it’s definitely more crowded. We got there during lunch hour so that may be the reason we could barely make turns. NOTE TO SELF NO DRIVING DURING RUSH HOURS. We ended up spending three nights in the hotel on Post. I was casually bullied the first night due to my Yankees Cap but it was all in good fun.

Once our time in the Hotel came to its ultimate end, we went to visit our friends in Atlanta.
We had a pretty nice time, the first night we had dinner in and played Apples to Apples. I really like that game since it’s mostly silly and no pressure involved. But these friends really like pressure so they were judging all our answers! It started to get pretty heated around round 50😛

The next day was a lot of fun, they took us to the Zoo Atlanta. They have so many wonderful animals, lions, gorillas, elephants. And my personal favorite the Tiger❤ But they’re world-famous for their Pandas. Apparently its really hard to breed Pandas, one of the reasons they’re endangered is because they have crazy ovulation schedules. Twins were born not too long ago at the Zoo. And we got in on an inside fact, one of the Pandas was pregnant again!

Towards the end of our trip, we were able to get into this special treat. We got the opportunity to feed Lemurs. It was pretty cool. We had to where masks and gloves so we wouldn’t infect them with our germs.

The next day we were off on our next adventure in the quaint town of Warm Springs.

Can you guess what we did next?

Thank you for Reading!

MOVING PART III – Living From a Suitcase – Phase 1 : Annie and Gracie

Like good parents, we left Annie with her Grandparents and sister, Gracie; while we looked for our new home.

But before we get into our tearful goodbye, lets talk about the cutest sisters I know.

Annie and Gracie

We got Annie and Gracie from the same litter.
They spent two weeks together before we left for California.
They didn’t see each other again until Christmas Time.
And that was barely a week.

Right now, the girls have been together for over a Month!
When we got to my parent’s house Annie and Gracie were over the moon excited to see one another. You could tell they recognized each other instantly.

My other dogs, Murphy and Evie were the best of buddies having grown old together over the span of 12 years. They were like Sir Ian Mckellen and Patrick Stewart. But there’s just something in how the girls interact together that you just know that they can sense that they’re sisters. It’s beyond adorable.

Whenever I visit with Gracie alone, she’s always jumping around acting very puppyish. But with Annie Gracie is totally calmer. She seriously acts like the big sister showing Annie the ropes.

And they’re constantly playing together, running together and cuddling together.
They’re relationship is definitely something to be aspired.

Do you have any experiences with animals from the same litter?
Is it obvious that they’re siblings?
Do cats act happy to see a family member?

Sometimes siblings don’t always get along and it can be quite upsetting.
I’m so relieved that Annie and Gracie love one another.

Well, Stan and I decided that since we’d be traveling and without a home, leaving Annie with Gracie would be best. And with tearful eyes we parted but with a smile in my heart knowing that we were doing the right thing.

Thank you for Reading!
Happy Weekend

Check out Instagram for a Picture of these cute little Cherubs.


So, while we were in New Jersey Stan got a new phone, one that allowed him to get PokemonGo. I tried playing it when it first came out but I just couldn’t get the hang of it. Maybe all I needed was someone to play with😛 It was a lot of fun going on walks with Stan trying to find Pokemon. I know it’s a little past the party but have you gotten into that fad?
Continuing our Family First theme, Stan, Grandma and I took Ginny and my Aunt out to lunch. We were celebrating her birthday at this hip new place in our town. We went for lunch on a weekday so it was pretty quiet. Apparently on the weekends they have live bands. We did go out back and they have a real boat re-purposed into a bar.
Wouldn’t mind going back there for a drink.
We decided to head into the City Wednesday to see a Show. We decided to see Wicked since Stan had read the book and we all agreed that we would love to see it again. (We had seen it about 6 years ago with my friend Leigh. She’s the Galinda to my Elphaba <3) For the occasion I decided to wear black… When we were at the Musical I overheard someone say that I was dressed like a witch.
For our third day playing, we were a little spoiled by all the PokeStops in the City. Thanks to the traffic we got to hit just about everyone we went by.
That night we got Chinese Food and watched Zoolander 2.
After all the negative reviews I’d been hearing I think it was better than I expected.
I’m a huge fan of the original film, so much so that my friend in HS and I went as Derek and Hansel for Halloween Junior Year of High School.
I didn’t love all the choices they made for the sequel, especially what they did with Matilda
I don’t want to give any spoilers here but:

  1. On the one hand it was very nice to see all the old characters again. And for the most part it was enjoyable and how they’ve changed seems very plausible.
  2. On the other hand, however, some jokes were way too silly. It didn’t really blend well with the original. And to be honest it felt like they wrote the script on a Sunday afternoon and started shooting the movie that Monday.

    That Friday we went to Elise and J.R.’s new house. Our housewarming present was inspired by It’s a Wonderful Life.
    We gave them
    a loaf of Bread:
    So this house will never know hunger.
    a canister of Salt:
    that life may always have flavor.
    and a bottle of Wine:
    that joy and prosperity may reign forever.
    and Annie gave their dog Gordon a bag of doggie treats.

    They took us on a tour of some really cool spots. We had this incredible German food at this Bier Garden with a hefty beer menu. Then we went to the Silverball Museum, where you pay an admission to play all the pinball you want. They have machines from all different decades, it’s really cool. My favorites were Indiana Jones and The Addams Family. I must admit most of the older ones were extremely sexist… I’ll just leave it at that. But if you have a chance to go, do it! You will not be disappointed.
    After the Arcade, we went to a Carnival. We stayed long enough for funnel cake, ice cream and PokemonGo😛 Once back at the house, we watched the Yankees beat the Rays and then they introduced us to JackBox. A series of party games you can get on a game station. Like Playstation and xbox. Everyone uses their phones to play so you can have lots of people play the game at the same time.
    The games seem kind of confusing but once you start playing they’re quite fun.

  • There’s one called Bomb Corp where each player get a different part of the directions and we all have to work together to detonate the bombs.
  • There’s another one called Fibbage where you’re playing a trivia game but before you guess each player writes in their own crazy answer to try to trick everyone.
  • My favorite game is Drawful, it’s a game where everyone gets a clue and you need to draw something based on that clue and everyone tries to guess the correct title.

After we went to bed I decided to read the new book Elise had just finished:
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
I was hesitant to read it since it’s meant to be viewed as a play…but I was also intrigued. So I decided to just read the first few pages to see if it caught me…hours later I had finished the 1st Act.
On our way home we stopped at my other cousin’s house to visit with her and the Twins❤ They’re getting big, it’s so crazy how fast babies age, how they can barely open their eyes one minute and their crawling around the next!
Then it was off to my Aunt’s annual Summer Party. Each year my Aunt hosts a Summer and Winter Party for all her friends and Family. This year she kept it a little more intimate. Most of my friends who used to go have moved away, but it’s still nice seeing everyone.
Usually there’s Jello Shots and music and lots n’ lots of food.
Ginny brought her kind of new boy friend. They’ve been dating about a year but this was the first time I met him. I would say that he seemed nice but that got me into trouble last time. Plus, they mostly kept to themselves, but hey, he was wearing a Yankees Cap!
Thank you for Reading!
I hope you have a GREAT Weekend!!

Happy Friday!!!


now where were we…


After we got back from the Shore, Stan and I got dressed in our DC Best and made a Bee Line to see Suicide Squad. I even matched my makeup to Harley Quinn…though in hindsight I should have made it more dramatic!

I know Suicide Squad got a lot of bad reviews but I still enjoyed it. The biggest disappointment for me was the story. From the trailers I had hoped for more of a happier Se7en kind of vibe. With the Squad going out on missions throughout the film instead of them having to deal with one big mission.

Needless to say Margot Robbie and Will Smith were excellent. It was really great seeing Smith in something fun again, it makes you remember why you love him in the first place. It’s like when Leonardo Dicaprio was in Django, granted Django was no where near lighthearted. But it’s a drag when these actors only do serious work  because they’re craving Oscar glory. (I know they don’t do it for awards but…you know they do.)

And Jared Leto…what can I say about Jared Leto. I was somewhat disappointed when he was cast as the Joker. Mostly because he seems really full of himself in interviews and kind of a jerk. Which isn’t fair, I know, so I kept an opened mind that hopefully he would surprise us like Ben Affleck’s Batfleck. Overall, the juries still out. From what we saw, I was not impressed. It felt to me like he was trying way too hard to be edgy. Hopefully he’ll appear somewhere else along the way in the DCEU.

and once more for the road…Harley Quinn❤

What did you think? Were you a fan of the Joker?


After the movie it was off to dinner with my Parents and Grandma. We went to this special restaurant we used to go to when I was a little kid. It’s funny what sticks in your memory. I guess I used to eat their pasta a lot because every time I think of this place I remember them having excellent spaghetti…I had the Seafood😛

The Main Event for the Evening? A quiet Sip & Paint. There was an old car show going on through Main Street as we rolled though town. My Dad loves cars, so it’s a shame we didn’t have a chance to really look around. Though we did get to see a few of ’em.

I really enjoy Sip & Paint. It’s not so much the Sipping part but the Painting that really does it for me, though the Sipping does make it fun😛 As of this moment, I have done 7. One as part of Elise’s Bachelorette Party, 3 with Stan as a Couple, 1 as a Book Club kinda thing, a poinsettia with my Mom and boat with Manly. Each one holds a special place in my heart and stirs up fun memories.

I used to Paint all the time but once I went to College I slowly started to back track. The best thing about Sip and Paint is that it’s really chill, they provide the paints and you can just hang out with the people you care about and let your inner artist fly its freak flag.

If you’ve been hesitant about going, definitely give it a try!


The next day we went to our first minor league ball game. The Lehigh Valley Ironpigs vs the Rochester Red Wings! It all started by chance. I asked my Elise if she wanted to go to one and funny enough, she had already purchased tickets for a different team😛 And fortunately we were able to get the tickets right next to her.

I’ve been wanting to venture into the world of minor league teams for a while now. I just felt like this would be a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy a sporting event. I don’t know about you but getting into the City can get pretty intense.

Well, the gimmick of this particular stadium is that you can get just about everything with a touch of bacon to it. Bacon on a stick, Mac & Cheese parfait topped with Bacon Bits, you want bacon on your funnel cake?-you got it! I got a nice plastic Ironpigs mason jar filled with Hard Cider and became quite a fan of #24 Darnell Sweeney!
All n’ All a great day was had by all!

It wasn’t the most exciting game but it was pretty fun.
Have you ever been to a minor league game?

Thanks for Reading!

AMERICAN HORROR STORY – ?6 – Premiere Night

Tonight’s the Night!

A month earlier than usual, the premiere of the Sixth Season of American Horror Story is a little less than 4 hours away. I’m so excited and a bit scared to see what Ryan Murphy has cooked up for us this season. If you’ve been following the mysterious teasers and from the question mark in the title, we have no clue what the theme for this season will be!

There’s been some talk and one semi-plausible unintentional spoiler. But rest assured I will not be revealing any hearsay. I for one hate spoilers so you will not be getting any surprises here, all spoilers will be truthful and fully forewarned.

I’m a bit scared about the new season because there’s been lots of spiders in the teasers. Spiders crawling into someone’s back, Spiders crawling out as eyelashes, Spiders screaming… I am not prepared…

So, for tonight I’m making a Special Dinner to celebrate. Unfortunately the only foods I could really think about that goes along with American Horror Story is the Brain Moira gives to Vivien during her pregnancy in Season 1, the uh, special soup that Madame LaLaurie serves to the witches during Season 4 and of course Devil’s Night in Season 5.

So tonight I decided to make things that kind of seem Devilish.
First off, I’m a little annoyed since I couldn’t find candles at the store which would really bring the whole ambiance together. But that’ll just have to wait until Halloween.
I’m creating a special Ginger Ale Cocktail in honor of Devil’s Night. I’ll be putting Ginger Ale, Strawberries and Green Dye into a punch bowl for a nice Absinthe effect.

For an entrée I’m making Turkey Stew…for some odd reason this reminded me of AHS, like something wholesome and farmy Kit and Alma would eat in Season 2 or maybe the Twins or Freaks in Season 4😛

and for the
pièce de résistance
Red Velvet Cake with Vanilla Icing

Well, I better get back to cooking, Stan should be home any minute!

Thank you for Reading

Let me know what you think of the new season
if you can think of any foods I can make for another AHS Dinner Party.

Check out a Photo from tonight’s dinner!

Moving Part II -Family First – Chapter 1 – THE SHORE

After our road trip we had quite the little adventure around New Jersey.

For Better or Worse, I always make a point to see my family…correction, as my cousins would put it, extended family.

My cousin invited us down the shore. We ended up staying two nights at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. Now don’t get me wrong, it was a bit intimidating being with them since they’re all extremely competitive, with have very strong personalities and
usually I have my Dad there as a buffer.
But with that said, we really had a great time.

A little back story: My Grandparents were rather intimidating people as well. They were extremely neat, no nonsense with great taste. We used to go on fun summer vacations together with all the cousins around my age.

DAY 01

We went to the BEACH and swam in the OCEAN.

The first night we were there, my Uncle cooked dinner. My Aunt had me make the centerpiece for the table. She asked me to cut some fresh hydrangeas from her garden.
( Click here to see my Centerpiece! )

Then my cousins and their kids came over. We drank wine and joked most of the night away. After dinner there was a round of shuffleboard played.
My Uncle and the Granddaughters vs Stan and the Grandsons.

It seriously felt like I had taken a step back in time. Like I was glimpsing into my past and watching my cousins and me.

Something kind of odd that happened was when people would tell certain stories but get the details wrong. My Dad is a great story teller with the mind like a safe. So it was kind of annoying to hear the watered down versions of these great tales…

Afterwards, we rode bikes to my cousin’s house. We drank a little more and played pool. Then his really cool wife got home and the four of us went out back and talked. It was so nice and chill.

DAY 02

I feel silly writing this but I wasn’t sure what to do when we woke up, so I stayed in the room much longer than I meant to😛 I know its a bit childish but do you ever do that when you’re in an unfamiliar place?

My Uncle took us to Breakfast where our waitress was a local celebrity. Everyone seemed to know everything about everyone. By the end of our 3 day 2 night trip, I knew this girl’s name, hobbies, her twin brother, where they were both going to College in the Fall and her charitable work. She knew that I enjoy Orange Juice with my Breakfast.

Afterwards we went back to the Beach, where I read Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by: Carrie Brownstein as part of Emma Watson’s Book Club “Our Shared Shelf.”
But more on that for another Post.

At the beach we met a lot of people who knew my Dad. Which felt really special. My Grandparents had a house down the Shore and my Dad used to be a life guard on the ocean Back in the Day…so I guess who could say he was a local celebrity😉

Do you really enjoy hearing old tales about your Parents or Grandparents? Aren’t they just like candy or I guess more like stew for the soul? It just really fills you up and keeps you nourished and warm.

After collecting some sea shells for my Dad, My Uncle and Aunt took us for a boat ride with my cousin, her daughter (Calla) and some very special family friends. Which brought me back to when my Dad would take us on boat rides in Maryland.

After the boat ride, we went to this really great sushi place where we feasted.
We had so much food! I can’t remember the last time I was stuffed with so much Sushi!

After dinner Stan and I went for a very long walk around the neighborhood. It was so peaceful and such a sweet way to end the trip.

DAY 03

My Aunt and Uncle got us some bagels and coffee and sent us on our way.
I don’t know if we’ll get to visit again but I feel very fortunate having spent the time we did. I don’t know if you would agree with me but I was always raised to put family first. Which hasn’t always worked out for the best…but I can’t help it. Being an only child, I’ve always craved that feeling of being apart of something bigger than myself. Which I guess is why I’d like to have a Weasley sized family some day.
What about you?
Do you enjoy spending time with family or would you rather have fun with your friends?

Thank you for Reading!


Moving Part I – ROAD TRIP!

I’m writing this from our not so old couch in our not so new house.

Well, we survived. It’s been quite a long 53 days since we last slept in our own bed surrounded by our belongings but we did it.

I know it’s been awhile since my last post, so I’m going to be writing a few updates this week to, uh, update you.

Stan’s parents flew out to help us move both cars back East. Which was a lot of fun. We stayed in some really cool hotels and saw some really great sights.

We were in a residency hotel for about a week before Stan could finally leave. Which turned out to be pretty fun since we had our own little kitchenette. We had a nice little Saturday Fun Day, where we ended up staying in eating a Chinese Feast and having a little mini Charlie Kaufman marathon.

They had a pay and go in our last Post, where we could pay someone to clean for us. They didn’t have that here so I was dead set on cleaning things perfectly brand new. I ended up making Stan wait for me until after 9 Friday night. I did not want his parents having to clean. I was all set to go back Saturday but Stan was having no part of it thus our Saturday Fun Day. Long Story Short: We Passed the Inspection😉

On our last night in Arizona, we stayed in the same Hotel same Room in fact, that we stayed in on our first night in Arizona. It was so special.

The next night we stayed in Albuquerque, NM at this odd little Native American themed hotel that was right out of The Shinning. On our way out we stopped for special Breaking Bad Donuts at this cute little bakery.

The next night we were in Oklahoma City, where we had to sneak Annie into the hotel…o_O Long Story Short: They told us they were pet friendly but then the confirmation email said all pets under 15 pounds! As you can imagine, that was a night! I was on Yip Duty.

Then we went to St. Louis and stayed in this really cute hotel which was converted from a Train Station. We all walked down to the Arches. Stan’s Mom and I dipped our toes in the Mississippi River and we took a trip up to the top. Rather long and crowded but Very Cool.

The last night of our trip was spent in Ohio at this really cute Marriott Residency. (Complete with Breakfast🙂 )

I had some personal growth on this trip, I drove. Since moving to California, something happened inside me and I feel really uncomfortable driving. But I took two turns driving this trip, the first was from the end of New Mexico into the Welcome Center in Oklahoma. Next was quite a long haul while we were in Ohio.

That time was a bit scary since we came to suddenly stop and witnessed a car fire!

I felt so good for driving and I know Stan felt great resting, the only one not happy was Annie who missed my short legs giving her space😛

All in All it was a great Road Trip!
Thank you for Reading!!

We like to listen to books on tape,
especially Stephen King short stories.
This time we were listening to his son,
Joe Hill.
20th Century Ghosts
Do you like listening to books on tape?

Never Forget – September 11th – 15 Years Later

15 years later

Today we mourn the loss of Innocence.
15 years ago on a beautiful Tuesday mourning
we understood understood how our ancestors felt December 7th 1941.

As a child I only understood fear and the lust for revenge.

I was fearful of the unknown.
Who out of my family was affected?
Was this War?
a Holy War?
World War III?
thus the end of the world?

I was very fortunate that everyone I knew was spared that day.
Some of my friends weren’t so lucky.

I wanted revenge, just like so many people my age,
we thought it was going to be easy and patriotic like WWII.
We were children.

15 years later
Pray for and Remember all those who have been affected by that terrible day.
The Twin Towers, Flight 93, The Pentagon.
To the ones who passed away.
To the ones who lost loved ones.
To the all the people who were weakened by exposure.
Whether physically, mentally or emotionally.

May they all know that we are still with them.

My Grandfather used to say that our Government let us down twice in his lifetime.
September 11th and Pearl Harbor.

It’s so important that we never forget.
that we keep on going strong.

thank you for reading.

God Bless America

“Need a hand? Well, you just wait / We’ll help you out… we each have eight.”

So…yesterday was the day.

We have less than a week in Arizona. Barely a day left in our home and just one night left to sleep in our own bed…

And yesterday was the day I saw my very first wild tarantula.

Let me set the stage:

Picture it, just before dusk, plenty of light out. Windy with a darkness to the sky only encroaching rain could explain. We were all tired, Stan had cleaned and organized all of his belongings, and was not into a walk. But Annie and, quite frankly, I needed the exercise.

So we set off on our usual route. Up Star Hill and back…

It was the way back that I came face to face with what I had been dreading about the past 10 months.

Well, to be fair, Annie came face to face with the tarantula.

While I gasped in pure shock, Annie stuck her nose right into the face of the tarantula and then turned and kept walking. If the tarantula was wearing a fedora, this would have been the point where it tipped it’s brim to us and kept on walking.

The whole thing was so chill, I’m starting to doubt it even happened. I mean what had I been expecting, for the tarantula to turn and lunge at us whilst holding a switchblade?

At first I was relieved and now having the pleasure of time and distance I can really appreciate the beauty of the moment. The tarantula was no question large, but very slender. It’s body along with each leg had a very sleek quality to it.

Now, I don’t want to jinx myself, especially since we still need to make it through sleeping tonight and packing tomorrow. But I am happy to have had this experience.

I can check off natural tarantula sighting off my bucket list…

But don’t get me wrong, I had the heebie jeebies all the way home!