Drawlloween 18 : “Beware that his shadow doth not burden your dreams with horrible fears.”


DAY 18

Based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the German film, Nosferatu was made in 1922 and distributed in the US on June 3rd, 1929. The screenplay was written by, Henrik Galeen and directed by, F.W. Murnau. Murnau did not have permission from Stoker’s Widow to use his book, so certain changes had to be made, most significant being the ending. In fact it was in this film that the popular belief that sunlight is lethal to Vampires was born.

Werner Herzog considers this film to be the best German film of all time, and in 1979, he remade it into Nosferatu the Vampyre. By the time Herzog made his remake the copyright for Dracula had expired, Herzog wanted to follow the same plot as the original Nosferatu, so the only changes he made were to the names, for example: changing Count Orlok back to Count Dracula.

Herzog filmed two versions of the film per the request of the distributor 20th Century Fox. There was a German version and a version for English-Speaking audiences, so the actor’s real voices could be heard in both. Herzog noted that the German version was more authentic.

I had always wanted to see Nosferatu, but I had a hard time getting my hands on a copy and since it’s a silent film I never gave myself the time. I first saw Nosferatu a few years ago. It was October, I was stuck in Stan’s apartment while he was at work and Nosferatu was on Netflix, so I thought, what the hell…and I was not disappointed.

We also came face to face with Nosferatu aka Count Orlok when we dared to venture into the House of Horrors at Universal Studios. I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to dark rides and spook houses but it was a long line so I had time to collect myself…or so I thought. I was wearing my Back to the Future shirt and the woman at the front of the line was a fan and sent us to the front…Lucky Me.

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Nosferatu plays a rather important role in season 5 HOTEL regarding Lady Gaga’s Countess and the Vampires who turned her…




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