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Z : Zira “Scar is gone… but Zira’s still around To love this little lad Till he learns to be a killer With a lust for being bad!”

DAY 30


The Villainess from the 1998 straight to video sequel of The Lion King.

The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride

I know this movie did not get the best reviews and obviously this was nowhere near as great as the original but on a personal level, this film means a lot to me.

My cousin Derby and I used to watch this film over, and over, and over again. We were obsessed with the animals and the songs. We knew it was goofy but to be honest we all know it’s not the worst Disney sequel…I’m looking at you Atlantis.

And I’ve always compared these two films to Jurassic Park.

Next time you have the opportunity. Watch the beginning of Jurassic Park, then the beginning of The Lost World. Then watch the beginning of The Lion King and then Simba’s Pride. Watch both openings until the Title credit appears.
Jurassic Park and The Lion King both have such epic openings.
The music is powerful and the title credit intensely appears.
While both sequels seem like they’re not even trying to compete.
They know what they have to offer.

But I digress.

Lets dig a little deeper into Zira.

Zira is a devoted follower of Scar. She even names her second son Kovu which is Swahili for Scar. Zira was originally going to be named “Bianca” but there were two issues. One, filmmakers did not want people to get her confused with Miss Bianca. Two, Bianca was not Swahillian enough. Zira is Swahili for hate.

Speaking of mothers, actresses Bette Midler and Helen Mirren were both considered for the role of Zira, as well as the role of Sarabi (Simba’s mother).

One of the original ideas for the film was to have Simba killed by the Outlander lionesses…I personally am glad they did not do this.

Zira’s death was going to be very similar to Gaston. Remember how he was going to “commit suicide” after stabbing the Beast? Originally, Zira was to reject Kiara’s help and push herself off the cliff into the rushing waters below. They even animated Zira smiling as she falls to her death, even though she’s screaming.

Do you consider Scar and Zira mates? This was the original plan until Disney realized if Kovu and Kiara got together they would be second cousins and thus incest. So, Zira was written as a dedicated follower. Though some fans still consider them to be mates…

Scar is an official member of Disney’s Sinister Cats, while Zira is just an occasional member.

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And we did it!
I can’t believe I actually made it through.

Y : Yzma “To the Secret Lab!”

Day 29


Let’s end this years challenge with some good ol’ Disney, shall we?
Plus, a little Girl Power is always welcomed!

Believe it or not, I recently just watched The Emperor’s New Groove fully for the first time. Overall, I think it was released at the wrong time for me. I was getting to the age where I didn’t automatically watch every single Disney film. Plus the male centric plot and the overall humor didn’t really speak to me back then.
I guess, I had to grow into it…

The Emperor’s New Groove was originally going to be a more dramatic Disney musical entitled Kingdom of the Sun. It was to be based off of Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper. With David Spade as the (Emperor) Prince and Owen Wilson as the (Pacha) Pauper. Eartha Kitt was Yzma, an aged royal sorceress. The film was about 50% complete but tested extremely poorly with test audiences. The entire project was reworked and Owen Wilson was replaced with John Goodman.

After it was reworked, most people thought the film is based off of Hans Christian Andersen‘s The Emperor’s New Clothes but in fact the film shares a lot more similarities with Kalif Storch (Caliph Stork) written by Wilhelm Hauff.

The role of Yzma was originally offered to Barbra Streisand who turned it down. That’s when original Catwoman, Eartha Kitt was cast instead. And speaking of Catwoman, at the end of the film, Yzma is turned into a cat. A respectful nod to her Catwoman days on Batman.

Yzma’s signature color is Purple, associated with madness and royalty.
In Japan, Purple is also known as the color of death.

Yzma’s physical appearance was based on Cruella De Vil and 1950s singer, Yma Sumac, the “Inca princess of Hollywood”. Cruella is very skinny and angular in appearance while both her and Yma Sumac are both extremely stylish.

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One Day to Gooo!!!

X : Xenomorph “They mostly come at night. Mostly.”

DAY 28


I’m a pretty big Alien fan.
I used to be quite scared of Xenomorphs when I was younger.
Between the Great Movie Ride and this life-size statute I encountered once in a restaurant.
When I went through my Horror movie phase as a teenager, I  was a bit fearful to watch but I was more intrigued than scared, so I jumped in.

And Boy am I glad I did.
I quickly became obsessed with Ripley and her Alien journey.

There are many theories that have yet to be confirmed as to the existence of Xenomorphs. According to IMdb, director, Ridley Scott claims, “We’re getting closer and closer to the creation of the beasts – how and why they were created – and the first ‘Alien’ film that I made over thirty years ago.”

Alien has a run time of 1 hour and 57 minutes, the Xenomorph does not appear until an hour into the film and out of the last 57 minutes, it only has four minutes of screen time.

The Xenomorph in Alien is different from the ones that appear in the rest of the franchise. In Aliens, the Xenomorphs seem to only kill while hunting for food, in self-defense or gathering hosts for facehuggers. The Xenomorph in the Alien seems to kill for sport. It seems to be much more sadistic in nature and enjoys killing.

At the film’s premiere religious zealots set fire to the model of the Xenomorph believing it to be the work of the devil.

Alien 3 is the first film in which a Xenomorph can be seen eating its victim.

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For another Post on an X Villain, Check out  last year’s Post on

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At the end of the credits for Aliens, the sound of an Alien egg cracking open can be heard.
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W : Walter White “You know. You all know exactly who I am. Say my name.”

Day 27

Walter White

Walter Hartwell White Sr

I didn’t have access to AMC when Breaking Bad started and once I did I thought it would just be easier to binge from beginning to end.

Believe it or not, even through its popularity and five seasons of hype
there was only one spoiler that I came across.

My Husband always teases me because since diving in, I’ve binged Breaking Bad three times.

I feel a little sheepish for taking on Walter White today since I feel most fans will probably already know these but here I go…

It’s pretty hard to think of anyone better fitted for Walter than Bryan Cranston but due to his comedic background, Sony and AMC wanted bigger names like, John Cusack and Matthew Broderick. Cranston was always creator Vince Gilligan first choice, ever since he cast him as Patrick Crump in the 1998 episode of the X-filesDrive.

Bryan Cranston was primarily known for his comedic role as Hal in the broad comedy Malcolm in the Middle. Hal wore tighty-whities, just like Walter White. When Bryan Cranston read that detail in the script, he was hesitant to jump into tighty-whities once again. He questioned Gilligan about the clothing option and was answered with, “Tighty-whities are funnier than boxer shorts.” Cranston did some deep thinking, he had worn tighty-whities for Hal because Hal was just like his boys, he was just an overgrown boy. According to Cranston, “A grown man in tighty-whities can be funny; it can also be pathetic.” Gilligan wanted Walter to transform from a nerdy Mr. Chips type character into Scarface.

Cranston makes sure his characters have a strong foundation. Hal’s base was fear. Walter’s base was his fear of failure and had closed himself off from that risk, thus sinking himself into a deep depression.

Walter White’s Meth Alias, Heisenberg, is a nod to Werner Heisenberg, a German theoretical physicist and one of the key innovator of quantum mechanics. Heisenberg died of cancer in 1976.

Walter White was diagnosed with stage-three terminal lung cancer the day after his 50th Birthday. Best case scenario, he was given 2 years to live. Walter dies on his 52nd Birthday, one day shy of two years.

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V : Van Pelt “A hunter from the darkest wild Makes you feel just like a child.”

Day 26

Van Pelt

The first time I watched Jumanji was with my Mom, Aunt and cousin. I don’t remember much about that moment in the theater except the spider scene…
but I digress…
It immediately became a family favorite.

It’s one of those films that really brings me back to childhood.
I loved pretending that the game was real with my cousin.
I even bought the board game.
And what can you say about Robin Williams? He was perfectly cast once again, having been in so many of our classics throughout the ’90s.

Funny enough, according to IMdb, “Roger Ebert criticized the film for being marketed as a family film, yet being far too scary for children. Even Robin Williams wouldn’t let his children watch it.”

Now, speaking of scary… lets discuss, Van Pelt.
Simply known as The Hunter in the picture book by Chris Van Allsburg.

In the film, actor Jonathan Hyde portrays both Van Pelt as well as Alan’s father, Sam Parrish. A nod to how many productions of Peter Pan cast Mr. Darling and Captain Hook. (Coincidentally, Williams played adult Peter Pan in Hook. Where this casting did not occur…but then again there was no Mr. Darling)

A year after the film’s release, a television series was produced.
Actor Tim Curry auditioned for the voice of Van Pelt before being cast as Slick.

In the film, Van Pelt is more honorable, simply a hunter hunting his prey. Nothing personal. Meanwhile, in the TV series he’s portrayed as cold-blooded and maniacal.

Another short one for today.

Happy Wednesday

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U : Unity “‘World Peace Achieved.’ Nice. Little weird to publish a paper about it for yourself, but hey. So, what’s next?”

Day 25


I’m not sure whether Summer is on the right side of this coin toss or Morty
but for the purposes of today’s Villain Post
lets focus on the negative aspects of Unity.

Unity appears in the 3rd Episode of Season 2, Auto Erotic Assimilation. The episode premiered on August 9, 2015.

The episode opens with Rick bumping into his ex… a hive mind called, Unity.

Unity explains to Rick, Summer and Morty that she took over this particular planet’s entire population. By controlling them she was able to stop a race war between the flat concentric nipple rings and cone nipple people, and it improved the quality of life for the occupants.
However, all of this was achieved at the cost of the inhabitants’ free will and individuality.
Something that Summer objects to as being wrong.

So, in this matter, what is villainous?

This episode reveals a lot about Rick. We find out that he is pansexual. We also find out that Rick has a rather complicated relationship with his father. (Since he asks Unity to fill a stadium of men that look remotely like him while he performs an orgy.)

There’s also a reference to creator Dan Harmon‘s nbc show, Community. (When Rick has Unity create a TV show for him)

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For a glimpse at a more traditional “Villain
Last year I wrote my A to Z challenge on Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

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T : Talia al Ghul “Father has only truly respected one other man. The detective. The one known as the Batman.”

Day 24

Talia al Ghul

Daughter of supervillain Ra’s al Ghul
(His most famous of offspring).
Talia has been featured as both,
anti-hero and supervillain
in her own right.

Talia made her comic book debut in Detective Comics #411 (“Into the Den of the Death-Dealers!”) in May 1971. She was created by Denny O’Neil, Bob Brown and Dick Giordano. Funny enough, her father made his comic book debut in the June 1971 issue of Batman #232.

In the 1992 Graphic Novel, Birth of the Demon, Talia’s mother was revealed. Ra’s met a part-Chinese, part-Arab woman at Woodstock. The two fell in love and had Talia. Unfortunately, she later died from a drug overdose and Ra’s felt she was unworthy of revival in the Lazarus Pits. (This origin isn’t always followed since Talia has never really been portrayed as having Arab or Chinese descent.

Talia has occasionally been Batman’s love interest, which resulted in their child, Damian Wayne. (though personally, Catwoman is Batman’s true romantic interest!)

Like Batman, Talia has no superpowers, but she is a skilled assassin, successful businesswoman due to her high intellect and is excellent in hand to hand combat. And like her father she has the ability to extend her lifespan through the use of the Lazarus Pits.

Talia appeared in four episodes of Batman: The Animated Series. She makes a tragic reappearance in the third season of Batman Beyond, episode five, Out of the Past. A surprisingly young Talia visits the elderly Bruce Wayne offering him a dip in the Lazarus Pits. Later, it’s revealed that Talia had sacrificed her life for her father. It was Ra’s who has been occupying Talia’s body and he wanted to trick Bruce into giving up his body.

 The Dark Knight Rises

Thanks to Christopher Nolan creating characters for his Batman trilogy, like Rachel Dawes and John Blake–the big reveal of Marion Cotillard’s character being Talia al Ghul was a success. At least for me, I remember being angry while watching the film and Bane was revealed to be Ra’s al Ghul’s son. I was so frustrated, thinking to myself, “What are they doing!? Ra’s had a daughter not a son!” I was too wrapped up in the movie to see the twist right in front of my face!

Though there was a hint at her true identity during the charity ball scene. Miranda Tate says, “you must invest if you wish to restore balance to the world.”
In Batman Begins, Ra’s al Ghul says, “Only a cynical man would call what these people have ‘lives,’ Wayne. Crime, despair… this is not how man was supposed to live. The League of Shadows has been a check against human corruption for thousands of years. We sacked Rome, loaded trade ships with plague rats, burned London to the ground. Every time a civilization reaches the pinnacle of its decadence, we return to restore the balance.”

Another clue is that both Miranda and Bane have the same triangle scar. Bane has it on the side of his head and Miranda has it on her back. Hinting at her membership in the League of Shadows.

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S : Scar “Oh, no, Mufasa. Perhaps *you* shouldn’t turn your back on *me*.”

Day 22


We all pretty much have our favorite Disney characters, including villains. It’s so hard for me to choose, since there are so many fabulous ones to choose from.  An easier but similarly hard choice is picking the most evil.

Judge Claude Frollo is one evil dude, but my money has always been on Scar.
The guy killed his own brother and attempted to kill his nephew, several times.

Pretty much everyone is aware that The Lion King was seen as Bambi meets Hamlet.
Remember back when I stated that I have two all time favorite Disney films?
One being Beauty and the Beast, for its outstanding storytelling and inner beauty.
The other would be Lion King. When I think back on a film that I identify the most with from my childhood it would be Lion King. I was too young to fully grasp Beauty and the Beast when it first came out. Belle immediately became my favorite Princess but it was The Lion King that I talked to my friends about on the playground.

So allow me to divulge a few backstory facts, about the most evil guy at Pride Rock.

Scar is Mufasa‘s younger brother. Scar is a nickname he gave himself, his real name is Taka, the Swahili word for “want”. (Clever that he wants to be King.)

The scar on his face was pretty much self inflicted. After it is announced that Mufasa would be the next king, Scar devises a plan to make his brother look foolish and unfit to be King. He tells Mufasa about a Cape buffalo named Boma who is hording the water at the waterhole. He then antagonizes Boma, lying that Mufasa is there on official King duties which means he has one of two choices, flee the area or fight. Boma chooses to fight but misses Mufasa and attacks Scar. Mufasa rescues Scar but not before Boma leaves his mark, the scar over his right eye.
Taka renames himself Scar as a reminder of his mistake.
This was all revealed in the first book in The Lion King: Six New AdventuresA Tale of Two Brothers

After his death, Scar is given more backstory in the Disney Junior show, The Lion Guard. The show follows Simba’s second born, his son, Kion. In the series, The Lion Guard made up of a team of lions who protect the Pride Lands and the Circle of Life. The leader would have the mystic power known as Roar of the Elders. The team is led by the second born child of the King. Which means, Scar once led The Lion Guard. Of course he let the power get to his head and used the Roar of the Elders for evil, killing the other members of the Lion Guard. As a result, he loses the power completely and drops into a depression. 

Some Fun Facts from the Film

Scar was originally going to be a rouge lion instead of related to Mufasa. However, creators felt it was much more interesting to have Scar in the family. The reason for Mufasa and Scar looking so dissimilar is that he was never drawn to be related to Mufasa or Simba.

Actors, James Caan, Robert DuvallRay Liotta Tim Curry, and Malcolm McDowell were all considered for the role of Scar. The role eventually went to Jeremy Irons, who was hesitant to accept doing a comedic role right after winning an Oscar for Reversal of Fortune. His performance inspired writers to blend his character from the film, Claus von Bülow into Scar and animator, Andreas Deja into fusing Irons’s facial traits with Scars.

Jeremy Irons threw his voice out while performing, “Be Prepared.” It was during the part when he sings, YOU WON’T GET A SNIFF WITHOUT ME! Voice actor, Jim Cummings (Voice of Ed) had to finish the rest of the song.

Scar is the first and so far only Animated Disney Villain to commit murder onscreen. All other villains have done so through back story or off screen.

So it’s fitting that Scar also has the most violent death scene of any Disney Character.

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