a fancy way of saying hello


thank you for finding writing for Murphy! I first started blogging after being inspired by Ireland.
five years later, I’m back as a way of keeping my friends and family updated on my adventures as an Army Wife.
if you’re a new friend, here’s a little backstory-timeline to get you up to date on what makes me tick:


WfM kindergarten

four cornersWfM MnI BBBalumna

WfM Blogging Begins

alma materWfM First Met Stan

WfM an old friend..WfM Engagement Party

Graduation from Grad School


honeymooned in paradiseWfM SnTnM

so, if you’re interested in the exploits of a
writer-philotherian-Army Wife, who’s an all around good sport,
then lets find out together if a young feminist can stay true to herself,
support her husband and still delve into her own aspirations.

Greetings and Salutations

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