Day 12 Twelve Things You Are Grateful For

Day 12 Twelve Things You Are Grateful For

June 12, 1942. Anne Frank received a diary for her birthday.

June 12, 2014. The last time I allowed the 12th to be a day of monthly mourning and depression for me. The next month, when the 12th rolled around, I chose to be grateful for the things and people I have rather than being depressed because of what I had lost.

Tell about a dozen things you are grateful to have in your life. It could be people, things, memories, etc. (Yes, I cheated on this one since I do this every month anyway.)


Sometimes I find myself to feel quite melancholy and to quote Professor Dumbledore “But you know happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.” So here are twelve things that I am grateful for:

  1. My Parents
    I would not be who I am today without them. My Dad and my Mom are the kindest  and most thoughtful people I have ever met. I never thought of myself as being as kind and considerate as they are but the older I get, the more I realize just how similar to my parents I really am. 
  2. My Stan
    I know its a cliche to say that my significant other is my best friend, but I’m going to say it anyway. Stan is my absolute Best Friend. We have so much in common and our differences compliment one another very well. I honestly don’t know how I could possibly be married to someone I didn’t love, trust and admire as much as I do Stan.
  3. My Grandparents
    My Grandparents on both sides of my family are pretty Bad Ass.
    Unfortunately, my
    Dad’s parents passed away before I could really get to know them on a more adult level. They were both much older than me and had accomplished many amazing feats well before I was born. They were both extremely no nonsense people and I was never able to full be myself among them.My Mom’s Father passed well before his time, and well before I reached the realization of how similar we truly were. My Grandfather was a very strong person both physically as well as mentally. He had a strong sense of right and wrong and was not afraid to voice his opinion. Each day I try to be more and more like him.
    My Grandmother was always a hero to me. We’ve gone on countless adventures together alongside my Mom. Sometimes, I don’t give her the appreciation and credit she is due. But I love her to the moon and back and honestly wouldn’t be who I am today without her constant presence in my life.
    I hope that someday, I will be just as Bad Ass as all four of my Grandparents.
  4. My Cousins
    Being an only child my cousins were a huge part of my making my childhood amazing. Most of them are much older than me but each and every one of them means something dear to my heart in their own way. But three cousins in particular mean more to me than anyone else in the world. They are my siblings having spent weeks at a time together. I love them with my whole heart and even though we’re far apart, I honestly wouldn’t know where I would be now without them.
  5. My Aunts
    The women in my family are all extremely strong. My Aunts have always been there for me in their own way. From supporting me on a daily basis to being there on Family Vacations and supporting me on special occasions.
    My Aunts have always loved and cared for me as if I were their own.
  6. My Annie and all of my other Animal Friends
    My life as an Army Wife improved immensely the day Annie came into our lives. I am so grateful for animals. They bring so much joy, happiness and beauty into the world. I’m grateful for their companionship, love, trust and inspiration they have given me throughout my life.
  7. My Friends
    I’m not the easiest friend to get along with, there I’ve said it. I put my family first and I don’t like talking on the phone…but for those Friends who have stuck by me, they are one in a million. My friends come in all shapes and personalities. Some could be my twin and others could be my complete opposite. I’ve learned things from each and every one of them and they have pushed me in many different ways. I hope they know just how much they mean to me, even if I don’t call and talk to them or write to them every week.
    They are my pack and I will always have their backs.
  8. Walt Disney
    Disney has given so much to so many people. From the movies to the theme parks, Disney brings people together. Walt Disney World was the first place my family ever felt fully at peace. My Dad could relax from work and I could run out my energy. And when I’m home I can pop in a DVD and get caught up in the adventure. From the catchy songs to the breathtaking animation, no one can do it better than Disney.
  9. My High School
    I went to an All Girls High School and I will forever be grateful. Grateful for my Education and the opportunities I was given. I was floundering in Middle School, just one of the flock, but when I changed schools, I was able to be a part of something bigger. I was able to be a member of two Sports Teams, an Acting troupe and Student Council. I learned all different types of art forms and traveled overseas. I still had to audition and try out but I was given that choice. I was never once bullied into submission. Oh sure, there were “mean girls” but the school didn’t allow them to take control and for that I’m eternally grateful.
  10. The Army
    Yes, it can be frustrating at times, especially when everything is hurry up and wait but overall I like that I can be apart of something bigger again. I had always had the up most respect for the Armed Forces, especially since many of my family members have served at some capacity. My two Grandfathers were Army Veterans and my Husband is currently serving, making me an Army Wife. (Something I couldn’t be prouder of). Yes, I wish we weren’t so far from our families but the places we’ve been, people we’ve met and the experiences we’ve made are well worth it.
  11. The Written Word, Art Supplies and Freedom of Expression
    I am grateful for the Mediums of Expression. From Poetry to Novels, Screenplays and Letters. Paintings, Doodles, Pottery and Photography. From Musicals, to Ballads to catchy Jingles. I am grateful to the mediums we have at our disposal for ways of expressing our thoughts and our ideas. The ability to read our favorite books, watch our favorite films, visit a museum and listen to any song we want. I’m grateful for the people who have chose to express themselves in ways they seem fit and for the opportunity and freedom to do the same.
  12. For Being a Woman
    When I was a little girl I remember being thankful that I was a girl. I’m not really sure why I had this thought, perhaps my cousin/BFF/brotherfromanothermother was being a bit obnoxious at the time but I remember very clearly thinking how I very much enjoyed being a girl. From then on I became an unconscious Feminist, meaning that I didn’t realize I was a Feminist at the time. I was just being myself, on class projects I just naturally drifted towards the feminine. I chose female figures to present and questioned why my fellow writers were not making their female characters more well rounded. I never pushed that Women should be superior (thoughweallknowweare 😉 ) I just wanted equality. I wanted things to be equal. And even though I don’t have it as easy as men in some arenas, I am still just as grateful to be a woman.


“I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.”

According to the Church, today, December 13th is the Feast of St. Lucy.Of course, I’m being a bit cheeky here posting this picture of the late great, Lucille Ball.
But I think it’s important to remember her legacy.
It’s hard at times to be happy or to be optimistic about life. Believe me, I know this all too well. I know the sickening draw of allowing the darkness to swallow you and to focus on the negatives instead of all the positives in your life. Because at your darkest, those positives seem awfully slim. How the warm cocoon of failure can be more comforting than the harsh reality of just picking yourself up from your slump and moving forward.
No matter what life has given you, the darkness affects everyone.
The holidays can be a time of great joy but it can also be a time of great sadness.
If you’re reading this and feel the darkness swallowing you, just take a deep breath and push forward.
Tomorrow will be brighter and you will be thankful that you held on.
and if you are reading this with nothing but good thoughts and warm wishes in your heart, then share it.
Christmas is a time of giving not receiving.
People often forget that the holidays revolve around the Manger and the Menorah.
So, if you are in the Holiday spirit, then think about reaching out.
Whether that be at a soup kitchen, sending out an extra Christmas card or simply picking up the phone to call someone. Remember that even the people who live in the brightest of houses, may be living the darkest of lives.
Reach out and Remember to pop in that copy of Christmas Vacation.

My parents arrived for our Thanksgiving Extravaganza the night of November 18th and left December 1st.
We spent the whole time together just joking, laughing…crying and just seriously bonding.
This was the first time my parents came to visit. Stan and I were always long distanced and only moved in together after our Wedding. And before that, I only lived on my own outside of a dorm setting for about four months.
So, as most of you fellow adults should understand and I was a little nervous getting my house, Parent ready.
I had to clear out one of the guest rooms and get the bed, nightstand and TV set up.
Plus, clean the house, especially Family Room and Kitchen.
And grocery shop for all my parents favorite foods.
Please don’t get me wrong, my parents are extremely easy-going and would not judge us in the slightest.
You know how it is, you want to make a good impression of yourself as an adult and make them proud of what they have spent so much of their lives creating and sculpting ❤
Since Stan had a Four Day Weekend for Thanksgiving. We took that opportunity to travel. We drove up to Prescott and over to the Grand Canyon on Black Friday. In between the travel, we celebrated. Since we’d be away our first Thanksgiving as a couple, my mom and I cooked a Thanksgiving Meal the Tuesday before. Manny and Zek stopped by and we watched our annual tradition while we waited for dessert. Another occasion we celebrated was my Mom’s Birthday. Since we’ll be in route the day of her birth, I decided to have a three-part celebration. 1. I was able to secure two spots for a Sip n’ Paint on post and the real good fortune was that we painted my mom’s favorite flower! 2. Gifts were early, duh. And 3. we celebrated our Holiday Tradition, just a little earlier than planned.
WFM Parents TripOnce we came home from our travels, my mom and I did two very important things. Constructed our Advent Wreath and went to see The Peanuts Movie. Which I feel was a nice nod to the classics but overall, something was just off about it. Don’t get me wrong, if you enjoy Peanuts and Snoopy then you’ll probably enjoy this. And as you can see from our Advent Wreath it looks a bit different from the normal Advent Wreaths that are out there. We kind of waited until the last-minute and for some reason, making the wreath more into a bush felt somewhat right.
After a tearful goodbye, I am proud to say that for the first and perhaps only time in my life, I was able to order, address and mail all of my Christmas Cards during the first week of December!

Also, speaking of the first week, I have good news: I found where Catholic Women of the Chapel was held and pushed myself to attend the December meeting (same day the Cards were mailed.) Unfortunately, the CWOC here only meets once a month but the women were all very welcoming and really allowed me to feel included. We watched a video and played Church Bingo. It’s not as lame as it sounds, it was pretty interesting and fun. Each square was a Saint and something of merit or interest was read about each one of them.
(Funny side note: my Advent Wreath looks surprisingly similar to the Advent Wreath that was seated inside the Chapel)
And back to Christmas Cards.
If you have time and a spare stamp please send a Holiday Card to Safyre Terry. The only surviving victim of an arson that took the rest of her family in May of 2013. All she wants for Christmas this year are Holiday Cards.
Cards can be mailed to:
P.O. Box 6126
Schenectady, New York, 12306
(Just to be on the Safe Side, I didn’t include a return address)

Thank you for reading.

Please stay 🙂