Army Wife Life January 2018

It’s been a good while since my last real Post.

So, here we are.

The last few months of 2017 were pretty testing. My husband had to go away for work for the most of October and a little of November. Which means he had to miss Bhaer’s first Halloween.

But it could be worse, it could’ve been Christmas.

My Grandma came to stay with me which was a very unique and special occurrence. Just having her around was helpful. I don’t know if this is something all wives feel but as a housewife, I mean, domestic engineer, life can get quite lonely when you’re home all day and your baby is only learning how to talk. So, having my Grandma here with me was a big help.

As for being an Army Wife, I’ve been pushing myself to get more involved.

I joined the Catholic Women of the Chapel last year but this year I’ve pushed myself to do more, I attend Faith Study and Knitting, which is a little tough since its Friday Nights.
(But its been so nice to knit again, I never realized how much I missed it!)

I also joined PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel), but so far its just been their weekly meetings.

The best thing to ever happen to our little family is finding NPSP (New Parent Support Program) Bhaer and I started Mommy and Me Playgroup in September and now we do just about every event they offer. It has really been a Godsend ❤

Aside from that I just keep my eyes peeled on MWR.
For example, Bhaer and I went to the tree lighting ceremony on Post.
(Saw the Big Guy and the Mrs….Bhaer was not amused.)

I am looking forward to the Spring because although I’m trying my best to keep busy,
this cold weather has been kicking our butts!

First Bhaer had the sniffles, then I got sick, then Stan got sick, then Bhaer, then me, then Stan again and fingers crossed this sore throat I got Tuesday morning will go away before Sunday’s Super Bowl Party!

Well, wish us Luck!

Thank you for Reading!!



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