I love being a Mom

I can’t believe I’m really a Mommy!

As I said in my second to last post, it’s been rather a long time since I actually had a chance to sit down and write. I feel like I’m constantly trying to do 5 things at once..unsuccessfully might I add.

I usually don’t like to toot my own horn or brag about my accomplishments.

I was raised to be humble and lovable 😛

So when people ask me, How do I like Motherhood? My go to phrase is: Oh aside from being tired, blah blah blah. I didn’t realize this, yada yada yada.

But the other night when my dearest Derby phoned, and simply asked me,
Do you love it?

I stumbled to get out my usual answer, stopped myself and just said,

Yeah, I do.

Because, yeah, I really do love being a Mom.

Don’t get me wrong, its hard having to think ahead whenever we go out.

I get self conscious when he starts crying in public. I’m trying to get over the whole stigma of breastfeeding him in front of people…(I actually fed him during lunch when we had our solo meal together downtown. (I didn’t make eye contact with anyone…))

But I know with time, as I get to know him and he gets to know me, things will get easier…and then a lot harder and then easier and then harder and so on and so forth.

Right now, I absolutely love spending my days with him.
Feed Him, Burp Him, Change Him.
Carry him while he sleeps.
I can’t wait for that moment when he will start kissing me back or when his little arms will reach out for me.

I can’t wait for when he starts holding my hand or when he’ll ask me to read to him or to draw for him.

But I also don’t want this time to end because this tiny little human is all mine.
Mine to me. And I’m all his.

Yes, I miss the “freedom” of just heading to a movie or attending a sip & paint but those are minor things that I’ll be getting back to soon enough.

For now, I’m just going to see where life takes me and enjoy the adventure.

Thank you for Reading


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