Welcome Bhaer ♡

You’re probably wondering who Bhaer is and if I ever had that baby I couldn’t stopping talking about three months ago.

First off…

it’s a BOY!

I apologize that it’s taken me this long to update you all…but Babies really do keep you busy!

Our little buddy, Bhaer was born back in April.

And the experience has been surreal ever since.

I still can hardly believe I actually gave birth to this little human, let alone that I’m actually a Mother. I made it! I’m in the club!


Giving birth was nothing like I expected it would be.

I thought it was going to be PAINFUL. I thought by the end I would be drenched in sweat from pushing and completely exhausted. So, I wore a headband in anticipation.

First off, I took the Epidural. I was hesitant, because my Mom had gone natural with me and I thought it would be an experience I would regret not feeling…

All the doctors told me not to go natural. I listened but was still set on, seeing how it would go. The one advice that did strike a chord, was “I like my mothers rested.” My Mom almost had an emergency C-section due to exhaustion  and I was really afraid of that.

And after experiencing close to 33 hours of contractions, I was ready for the epidural. And after that there was no pain.

and no sweat… the hardest thing about the experience was that I couldn’t feel where they were telling me to push. So the nurses had to improvise.
But like him, I was in no hurry, I just wanted him to arrive when he was ready.
So we waited and it was perfect.

All of my cousins said that their birth stories were perfect births. From the ones who went natural, to the epidurals and the c-sections. They told me that they had made the right choice and its true. Your own birth story is your perfect birth. Because I wouldn’t change a thing about how little Bhaer arrived into this world ❤

Thank you for Reading



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