5th of July 2017

Happy 4th of July!!

We kept it pretty low key yesterday.

Stan made some awesome burgers, his version of the Big Mac ❤

Since it was just the two of us plus, our babies who can’t eat chocolate, I decided to skip my annual American Flag Brownies made with Strawberries, Blueberries, icing -_-

Instead I used those berries to create a fresh and healthy fused water. It was good but I still prefer good ol’ cucumbers in my water.

For dessert I created this “Freedom Jello” concoction.
A dish I have always wanted to try, consisting of blueberry jello, something white and cherry jello. Stan chose cookies and cream pudding. Everything was going fine, except for when I added the layer of cherry jello. At first it seeped through the layer of pudding. So I decided to let it sit longer. I then froze it for a bit and added the Cherry. Success!
Or so I thought. It never molded. Even after sitting in my refrigerator over night.
Now, I’m not sure where I went wrong. It’s currently in the freezer…which in hindsight is probably a bad idea. Maybe the pudding was where I went wrong?

I think next time I’ll get fancy and use Cool Whip…or would that be less fancy than pudding?

Something that was a success however…
Grilled Watermelon!

I saw this recipe on Facebook for Watermelon Pizza. Not a big fan of all the toppings but grilling the watermelon. Now that looked good.

I added oil, lemon juice, little sugar to the watermelon, then Salt n Pepper. Then Stan grilled them for about 2-3 minutes per side.

When I first bit into them, I was skeptical. The hotness of the melon was overpowering but once they cooled off they were to die for ❤

I will definitely be making them again!

Aside from food…

It was still Bhaer’s first 4th of July and doggone it, I wanted it to be special. We dressed him in a special little romper his GiGi bought for him.
I wanted to get sparklers (which are apparently just as dangerous as other fireworks!) but they didn’t sell them at our Grocery Store. …A fact my Mom was flabbergasted that I was not aware of… Did you know they don’t sell fireworks at Grocery Stores! 😛 oops.

But our neighborhood has been setting off fireworks for the past four days, so Bhaer got to see Fireworks after all 😀

Are fireworks on 4th of July important for you?

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Thank you for Reading!



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