Augusta Burgers and Beer Week 2017

Augusta Burgers and Beer  Week 2017

  1. Apple Smoked Pork Belly Burger
    -stuffed with cream cheese
    -topped with a sweet & spicy sauce
    – a smoked and caramelized pork belly
    -red onion
    -and a granny smith apple slice
    -served on a toasted brioche bun.

    ~This burger was delicious at first bite, I really enjoyed the crunch of the Green apple but there was not enough of it. Also, the cream cheese got a little old.

    –Side Note: This burger won first place last year and it was recommended that we try it first this year. Our waitress was very enthusiastic about the whole event. She gave us beer cozies and took our picture with the burger.

  2. The Ale Yeah Burger!
    -topped with smoky bacon
    -pimento cheese
    -onion strings
    -papa lou’s secret sauce
    -served on a toasted brioche

    ~This burger was nice and juicy but not very memorable in terms of contest worthy entry.

  3. Hail Mary Burger
    -topped with fried pickles
    -served between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

    ~I usually don’t LOVE cheese on my burgers but having a grilled cheese with my burger was absolutely delicious. Who knew it was such a great combo!? This was my favorite burger for a while.

  4. The Big Mic
    -two all beef patties
    -topped with special sauce
    -served on a three layer delicious seedless bun.
    -topped with three baby pickles! ❤

    ~My husband named this their version of the Big Mac. Again I really enjoyed this burger, it had everything a burger should have but there was nothing that screamed Vote for me!

    –Side Note: Being a Pickle fiend, I was really excited for the three pickles they top the bun with. Unfortunately they were nothing to write home about.

  5. The Holy Shiitake Burger
    -topped with garlic aioli
    -mushroom trio
    -caramelized onions
    -provolone, montemore cheese & shaved parmesan
    -served on a brioche bun

    ~I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms, but husband likes mushrooms, so I thought, “What the Hell”. I was not disappointed. I prefer Lettuce and Tomatoes with my patty but this had an interesting taste to it.

    –Side Note: I was disappointed with out waiter, when we asked about the Contest Burger he disregarded it and pretty much rolled his eyes at the whole thing. Definitely made me think twice about voting for their entry.

  6. The Cajun Burger
    -cajun seasoned beef patty
    -topped with lettuce
    -cajun mayonnaise
    -spicy dijon
    -your choice of cheese
    -served on a french baguette.

    ~This was one of two Burgers I was very excited to taste. It was a bit too spicy for my liking but the cheese and Mayo helped with not making it over powering.

  7. Smoked Gouda Nacho Burger
    -topped with fresh fried tortilla strips
    -smoked gouda nacho sauce
    -black bean pico de gallo
    -spicy sour cream
    -fresh cilantro
    -served on a brioche bun

    ~This was the other Burger I was most excited to taste. I was NOT disappointed. The Fried Tortilla Strips gave the burger a delicious crunch.

    *This was my favorite burger.

  8. The Southern Spin
    -topped with fat man’s pimento cheese
    -lettuce and tomato
    -served on a bed of fried pickles
    -bistro sauce
    -served on an all toasted bun.

    ~The Fried pickles and bistro sauce really put this burger over the top. Very satisfying.

  9. M & J’s Prime Time Burger
    -topped with shaved prime rib
    -sauteed mushroom & onions
    -swiss cheese
    -signature mark and jerry’s steak sauce
    -served on a bun

    ~This burger was good but we weren’t blown away.

  10. “Beef 3 Ways” Burger
    -topped with smoked gouda cheese (double time)
    -slow cooked and smoked steak
    -billion island sauce
    -smoked tomato
    -beer soaked onions
    -veal demi-glace gravy
    -served on a butter toasted bun

    ~This was a close second for 1st. The Steak was juicy and delicious.

Don’t forget to check out Instagram for a glimpse of each delicious burger!

I ended up eating 10 of the 13 burgers.
I enjoyed each and every one of them
I’m looking forward to seeing if we can do at least 11 next year

Bon Appetit





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