May the 4th Be with You – 2017

May the 4th Be with You

In case you’re not into pop culture and haven’t been on the internet, today is May the 4th, as in May the Fourth Force Be With You a.k.a. Star Wars Day. My husband astutely believes that May the 4th is a hokey day for everyone to just boast about being such a huge Star Wars fan. I for one, just like the excuse to watch Star Wars all day…though in all honesty I don’t need an excuse. After the movies, I found one of the Ewok adventures on youtube. But I think that’s a post best left for another day…

Last year I managed to watch all of 7 Star Wars films, plus the Ewok Adventure.
This year I just watched two.
Rogue One and A New Hope.

Since the beginning most scenes for all of the Star Wars films have been filmed in the UK. Yet, location is not the only British  tie to Star Wars and no, I’m not referring to Alec Guinness. The first known use of the phrase, “May the Fourth be with You” occurred two years after the release of A New Hope. When on May 4th, 1979, Margaret Thatcher was elected Britain’s first female Prime Minister. The Conservative party took out an advertisement in the London Evening News which states “May the Fourth be with you, Maggie. Congratulations”.

Isn’t that wild? I will leave you with that bit of trivia.

I did a little Disney Bounding.
I dressed as Padme from Revenge of the Sith.

Click here to see the result! 

I hope you’re all having a wonderful 4th!

Thank you for Reading!



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