Y : Yzma “To the Secret Lab!”

Day 29


Let’s end this years challenge with some good ol’ Disney, shall we?
Plus, a little Girl Power is always welcomed!

Believe it or not, I recently just watched The Emperor’s New Groove fully for the first time. Overall, I think it was released at the wrong time for me. I was getting to the age where I didn’t automatically watch every single Disney film. Plus the male centric plot and the overall humor didn’t really speak to me back then.
I guess, I had to grow into it…

The Emperor’s New Groove was originally going to be a more dramatic Disney musical entitled Kingdom of the Sun. It was to be based off of Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper. With David Spade as the (Emperor) Prince and Owen Wilson as the (Pacha) Pauper. Eartha Kitt was Yzma, an aged royal sorceress. The film was about 50% complete but tested extremely poorly with test audiences. The entire project was reworked and Owen Wilson was replaced with John Goodman.

After it was reworked, most people thought the film is based off of Hans Christian Andersen‘s The Emperor’s New Clothes but in fact the film shares a lot more similarities with Kalif Storch (Caliph Stork) written by Wilhelm Hauff.

The role of Yzma was originally offered to Barbra Streisand who turned it down. That’s when original Catwoman, Eartha Kitt was cast instead. And speaking of Catwoman, at the end of the film, Yzma is turned into a cat. A respectful nod to her Catwoman days on Batman.

Yzma’s signature color is Purple, associated with madness and royalty.
In Japan, Purple is also known as the color of death.

Yzma’s physical appearance was based on Cruella De Vil and 1950s singer, Yma Sumac, the “Inca princess of Hollywood”. Cruella is very skinny and angular in appearance while both her and Yma Sumac are both extremely stylish.

Thank you for Reading!

One Day to Gooo!!!


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