X : Xenomorph “They mostly come at night. Mostly.”

DAY 28


I’m a pretty big Alien fan.
I used to be quite scared of Xenomorphs when I was younger.
Between the Great Movie Ride and this life-size statute I encountered once in a restaurant.
When I went through my Horror movie phase as a teenager, I  was a bit fearful to watch but I was more intrigued than scared, so I jumped in.

And Boy am I glad I did.
I quickly became obsessed with Ripley and her Alien journey.

There are many theories that have yet to be confirmed as to the existence of Xenomorphs. According to IMdb, director, Ridley Scott claims, “We’re getting closer and closer to the creation of the beasts – how and why they were created – and the first ‘Alien’ film that I made over thirty years ago.”

Alien has a run time of 1 hour and 57 minutes, the Xenomorph does not appear until an hour into the film and out of the last 57 minutes, it only has four minutes of screen time.

The Xenomorph in Alien is different from the ones that appear in the rest of the franchise. In Aliens, the Xenomorphs seem to only kill while hunting for food, in self-defense or gathering hosts for facehuggers. The Xenomorph in the Alien seems to kill for sport. It seems to be much more sadistic in nature and enjoys killing.

At the film’s premiere religious zealots set fire to the model of the Xenomorph believing it to be the work of the devil.

Alien 3 is the first film in which a Xenomorph can be seen eating its victim.

Thank you for Reading!

-Post Script-

For another Post on an X Villain, Check out  last year’s Post on

-Post-Post Script-

At the end of the credits for Aliens, the sound of an Alien egg cracking open can be heard.
See you tomorrow!!



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