W : Walter White “You know. You all know exactly who I am. Say my name.”

Day 27

Walter White

Walter Hartwell White Sr

I didn’t have access to AMC when Breaking Bad started and once I did I thought it would just be easier to binge from beginning to end.

Believe it or not, even through its popularity and five seasons of hype
there was only one spoiler that I came across.

My Husband always teases me because since diving in, I’ve binged Breaking Bad three times.

I feel a little sheepish for taking on Walter White today since I feel most fans will probably already know these but here I go…

It’s pretty hard to think of anyone better fitted for Walter than Bryan Cranston but due to his comedic background, Sony and AMC wanted bigger names like, John Cusack and Matthew Broderick. Cranston was always creator Vince Gilligan first choice, ever since he cast him as Patrick Crump in the 1998 episode of the X-filesDrive.

Bryan Cranston was primarily known for his comedic role as Hal in the broad comedy Malcolm in the Middle. Hal wore tighty-whities, just like Walter White. When Bryan Cranston read that detail in the script, he was hesitant to jump into tighty-whities once again. He questioned Gilligan about the clothing option and was answered with, “Tighty-whities are funnier than boxer shorts.” Cranston did some deep thinking, he had worn tighty-whities for Hal because Hal was just like his boys, he was just an overgrown boy. According to Cranston, “A grown man in tighty-whities can be funny; it can also be pathetic.” Gilligan wanted Walter to transform from a nerdy Mr. Chips type character into Scarface.

Cranston makes sure his characters have a strong foundation. Hal’s base was fear. Walter’s base was his fear of failure and had closed himself off from that risk, thus sinking himself into a deep depression.

Walter White’s Meth Alias, Heisenberg, is a nod to Werner Heisenberg, a German theoretical physicist and one of the key innovator of quantum mechanics. Heisenberg died of cancer in 1976.

Walter White was diagnosed with stage-three terminal lung cancer the day after his 50th Birthday. Best case scenario, he was given 2 years to live. Walter dies on his 52nd Birthday, one day shy of two years.

Thank you for Reading!

see you tomorrow!!


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