V : Van Pelt “A hunter from the darkest wild Makes you feel just like a child.”

Day 26

Van Pelt

The first time I watched Jumanji was with my Mom, Aunt and cousin. I don’t remember much about that moment in the theater except the spider scene…
but I digress…
It immediately became a family favorite.

It’s one of those films that really brings me back to childhood.
I loved pretending that the game was real with my cousin.
I even bought the board game.
And what can you say about Robin Williams? He was perfectly cast once again, having been in so many of our classics throughout the ’90s.

Funny enough, according to IMdb, “Roger Ebert criticized the film for being marketed as a family film, yet being far too scary for children. Even Robin Williams wouldn’t let his children watch it.”

Now, speaking of scary… lets discuss, Van Pelt.
Simply known as The Hunter in the picture book by Chris Van Allsburg.

In the film, actor Jonathan Hyde portrays both Van Pelt as well as Alan’s father, Sam Parrish. A nod to how many productions of Peter Pan cast Mr. Darling and Captain Hook. (Coincidentally, Williams played adult Peter Pan in Hook. Where this casting did not occur…but then again there was no Mr. Darling)

A year after the film’s release, a television series was produced.
Actor Tim Curry auditioned for the voice of Van Pelt before being cast as Slick.

In the film, Van Pelt is more honorable, simply a hunter hunting his prey. Nothing personal. Meanwhile, in the TV series he’s portrayed as cold-blooded and maniacal.

Another short one for today.

Happy Wednesday

Thank you for Reading!

See you tomorrow


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