U : Unity “‘World Peace Achieved.’ Nice. Little weird to publish a paper about it for yourself, but hey. So, what’s next?”

Day 25


I’m not sure whether Summer is on the right side of this coin toss or Morty
but for the purposes of today’s Villain Post
lets focus on the negative aspects of Unity.

Unity appears in the 3rd Episode of Season 2, Auto Erotic Assimilation. The episode premiered on August 9, 2015.

The episode opens with Rick bumping into his ex… a hive mind called, Unity.

Unity explains to Rick, Summer and Morty that she took over this particular planet’s entire population. By controlling them she was able to stop a race war between the flat concentric nipple rings and cone nipple people, and it improved the quality of life for the occupants.
However, all of this was achieved at the cost of the inhabitants’ free will and individuality.
Something that Summer objects to as being wrong.

So, in this matter, what is villainous?

This episode reveals a lot about Rick. We find out that he is pansexual. We also find out that Rick has a rather complicated relationship with his father. (Since he asks Unity to fill a stadium of men that look remotely like him while he performs an orgy.)

There’s also a reference to creator Dan Harmon‘s nbc show, Community. (When Rick has Unity create a TV show for him)

Thank you for Reading!

For a glimpse at a more traditional “Villain
Last year I wrote my A to Z challenge on Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

See you tomorrow


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