R : Rita Repulsa “How am I supposed to rule the Machine Empire, AND conquer the universe, when my Cogs can’t even handle the likes of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd?”

DAY 21

Rita Repulsa

I was little when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came out.
My friend had an Aunt who lived in Japan and she would send him all of the Japanese Power Ranger toys. He was the one who introduced me to Power Rangers.
But it was Amy Jo Johnson who kept me coming back.

But this isn’t a post about Heroes, this is a Post about Villains.

So sit back and relax, while we take a peak at Angel Grove’s favorite Female Villain…

Rita Repulsa

Rita comes from a family of villains. Her father is Master Vile and her brother is Rito Revolto, a foot solider who works for her. Rita also tricks Lord Zedd into marrying her. Despite this fact, the two remain married and actually have a son together, Thrax.

Spoiler Alert: Rita and Lord Zedd end up being purified, they change into humans once Zordon sacrifices himself in order to cleanse/destroy many villains. After she is purified, Rita becomes the hero known as, Mystic Mother, returning for a brief appearance in the two-part episode, Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Trivia Facts

Rita Repulsa made her first appearance in the very first episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, “Day of the Dumpster“. Throughout her 143 episode run, Rita was played by five actresses. Three performing her physical acting and two dubbing over her voice. The first was the original Japanese actress, Machiko Soga and instead of Rita Repulsa she was going to be called, Witch Bandora.

She was first portrayed by voice actress Barbara Goodson, who almost lost the part during her first audition. Directors told her to make her voice sound wickedly similar to the Wicked Witch of the West. She did and was turned away. Then directors decided that they wanted Rita to sound more angry than cackily so they pretty much forced Goodson to reaudition. She made a high pitch screech and did Rita’s voice, winning her the part. However, the voice that won her the part was extremely straining and she was unaware that her part would last for 7 years.
Goodson has later stated, “I went through a lot of water and cough drops.”

Spoilers for Power Rangers

For the Power Rangers Movie, the role of Rita Repulsa went to Elizabeth Banks (who received some backlash since she is not an Asian actress). For her depiction of Rita, creators combined elements from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, where she’s a Space Witch and the Rangers are formed to stop her. As well as, a combination of the character, Scorpina and the Green Ranger.
(Also note her costume, Scorpina wears tighter clothing than Rita and the color scheme in the film is green and gold, much like the Green Ranger.)

At the end of the film, Rita Repulsa is seen shooting off into space towards the moon.
In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers her lair was on the moon…

Thank you for Reading!

See you tomorrow!

Go Go Power Rangers!



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