M : Mystique “Securing our future. Forgive me, Mystique. As long as you’re out there, we’ll never be safe.”

Day 15


When I used to watch X-Men: Evolution as a kid, Rouge was my favorite character.
When the films debuted that quickly changed to Wolverine and Mystique.

I like that Mystique has a bigger role in the new trilogy but as my Husband gets annoyed with–She’s not a Villain. Since Jennifer Lawrence is playing her, she’s become a hero. I don’t agree with this entirely, since I think she was trying to be a Villain in X-Men: Days of Future Past but since her past was changed her future changed. And although I feel like the only one who likes Apocalypse, I think she was confused in that film about her status in life. She’s seen as a Hero by other mutants even though that’s not a role she wants to play.

Just as a side note: I can’t stand Scott or Jean in the original films. I never understood why Wolverine was so in love with Jean. But Sophie Turner and Tye Sheridan have really redeemed them in my eyes. And in my defense, I can see the flaws in Apocalypse but I think it’s a fun film. I love the 80s, I love seeing the gang back together and I just love Storm’s hair!


Mystique was born Raven Darkhölme.

In the comics, Mystique had an intimate relationship with Azazel which resulted in the birth of Nightcrawler. This is hinted at in the new trilogy where, Mystique tears up at the autopsy photo of Azazel. She is also quick to rescue Nightcrawler from the cage fight, leaving the other mutants behind. (Personally, this example doesn’t hold much water for me.)

At the end of Days of Future Past, it was considered having Mystique side with Charles. Then in the Future, Rebecca Romijn would have reprised her role as older Mystique. She would have been seen teaching a Biology class with Hank.

At the time of release of Apocalypse, Jennifer Lawrence is 2 years younger than Rebecca Romijn when she started as Mystique.

In X-Men evolution, artist Steve Gordon felt Mystique’s look was dated and if he had more time he would have changed her look. Stating that if he could have gotten away with it, he would have went the nude route like the films had. Not surprising at all, the films went with the nude route in order to attract as many male fans as possible. Though it has been stated that clothing restrict Mystique’s shape shifting abilities…riiight.

Wolverine star, Hugh Jackman said that if he could have a mutant abilities, he would choose Mystique’s shape shifting gift.

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