G : Gaston “He’s no monster Gaston. You are!”

Day 08


Be Warned there are some Spoilers for Beauty and the Beast.
(1991 & 2017 respectably)

Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time favorite Disney films. Tied for first, in fact.

Everything about the film is just beautiful and, dare I say, perfect.

Gaston is not your typical villain. He does not posses magical abilities. Aside from hunting, he doesn’t murder anyone. He’s not an Ice Queen like Snow White’s Step Mother or Overly Dramatic like Ursula.
I think what makes Gaston such a great villain is how human he is.

It’s like what Clopin says in The Hunchback of Notre Dame,
“What makes a Monster and what makes a Man?”

On the surface, Gaston is the whole package.
Good Looks, Strength, Charming, and having a great voice doesn’t hurt.
The whole town loves him, that is except of course, Belle.

The most terrifying part of Beauty and the Beast is just how persuasive Gaston truly is.

Belle is educated but different. Different isn’t good and just like in real life, people tend to believe a Good Looking Gaston over an enlightened Belle.

He has the whole town wrapped around his finger.

Some Fun Facts:

There was no Gaston character in the original fairy tale. The “villains” were Belle’s snobby sisters. A true antagonist was introduced in the 1946 French film Beauty and the Beast, a man similar to Gaston with the name Avenant.

And speaking of, Avenant, Disney considered making a sequel to Beauty and the Beast with Gaston’s brother “Avenant”. But this idea was changed to Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. Do you wish they went with the sequel?

Gaston is the only Disney Villain who shares the same eye color with the film’s protagonist: Beast. (Remember their eye color?)

Remember Prince Charming in Shrek 2? Actor Rupert Everett auditioned for the role of Gaston back in the ’90s. Directors, Gary Trousdale & Kirk Wise didn’t think he sounded arrogant enough. Other actors who were considered were Donny Osmond and Patrick Swayze.
Personally, I’m very content that they went with Richard White.

Gaston was originally going to commit suicide at the end of the film. He was to stab the Beast once in the leg and then after stabbing him in the side Gaston was to deliberately push himself off the side of the building to his death, while laughing maniacally. Thankfully, this was considered too dark for children.
I think having Gaston fall to his death while crying out in fear is his perfect demise.

And speaking of deaths, Gaston was originally going to survive the fall with only a broken leg. It would have been the wolves that would finish him off…
What do you think? Do you wish they kept that part in?

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

You know how the song, Gaston is a little different? Those lyrics were actually written by the late Howard Ashman back for the 1991 film but were never used.

And speaking of which, there is a line in which Gaston states, when he’s hunting, “he shoots from behind / doesn’t care if it’s fair.” Which is exactly how he “kills” the Beast.

According to IMdb, “In an interview for Entertainment Weekly (March 14, 2017), Luke Evans says Gaston was a Captain and at the age of 16 he protected the village of Villeneuve from Portuguese marauders in 1740. This explains why the townspeople love and admire him and why they would believe him if he calls something a threat. Le Fou also fought in the war with him hence the reason for Le Fou’s devotion to his captain.”

Don’t forget to head on over to Instagram for a look at Gaston’s mug.

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3 thoughts on “G : Gaston “He’s no monster Gaston. You are!”

  1. I always found the villagers approval of Gaston’s plan to blackmail Belle into marriage, creepy. Doesn’t medieval France have laws against that kind of thing? Its not as if the villagers didn’t know, it was made clear they were aware of every detail of the plan.

    On another note, ever notice how Disney villains almost never go to prison? Like the heroes almost always spare the villain, only for the villain to backstab them and the heroes to get bailed out by fate who kills the villain for them. Even as a kid, I thought this was weird, like showing mercy to villains is dumb and its better to just kill them.

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