F : Frau Totenkinder “I’ve a great debt to pay, for an undeserved act of kindness done to me long ago, in an old burned cottage in the woods.”

Day 07

Frau Totenkinder

Would it be fair to place Frau Totenkinder on this list of Villains?

I won’t be getting deep into her life throughout Bill Willingham’s Fables, for any of you who haven’t had the opportunity to read the comics. I’ll be talking about her history before the start of the series. It’s a semi spoiler but not really.
And although Frau Totenkinder has fought on the “Good Side” of Fables.
She has done some pretty nasty things.

You know her best as the Witch from Hansel & Gretel and Rapunzel.

After the last Ice Age, Frau Totenkinder was part of the Foggy Mountain tribe. She was known as Bellflower. Once she started having visions she became one the tribes newest Shamans. She also fell in love with the Tribe Leader’s son, but he is forced to marry the daughter of a rival tribe leader. This is around the same time Bellflower found out she was pregnant with his child. He turns his back on her, making up lies that she worships evil spirits and is thrown out of the tribe.

This is where she goes to the “Dark Side”. After she gives birth, she sacrifices her infant son in order to receive more powers and eternal youth. She uses those powers to destroy the tribe. After that, she must sacrifice children in order to keep her growing powers and youthful looks.

She spent her days helping the good and hurting her enemies. (It was also her who cursed Beast from Beauty & the Beast and the Prince from The Frog Princess.) After a few years she got bored and retreated into the woods turning her house into Gingerbread in order to entice children who wandered by.

The explanation for her getting “tricked” into the oven by Gretel is that it had been a while since her last child and she was weak.

Although she was burned into ashes, Frau Totenkinder’s powers were strong enough to keep her alive and it was Snow White and Rose Red who helped her along the path to recovery…and the rest you’ll have to read in Fables 😛

In German, Frau Totenkinder could be seen as Tot=Dead / Kinder=Children.
Mrs. Dead Children
but gramatically it would be more like, Mrs. Childkiller.

If you haven’t tried Fables, check it out, it’s a great series.
I started reading it years ago once it was already bound into its deluxe editions.
Of course my favorite character is Bigby Wolf but Frau Totenkinder is definitely one Bad Ass Witch. In my opinion she can be considered more villainous than Good.
You know, the whole child killing thing.

Don’t Forget to Check out Instagram for a Picture of Bellflower!

Thank you for Reading!

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