E : Evil Queen “What wouldst thou know, my Queen?”

Day 06

Evil Queen

The Villain or should I say, Villainess that started it all.

One of the more stylish of Disney Villains, the Evil Queen is completely obsessed with her looks. Makes sense since her only desire is to be Fairest of them All.

Walt Disney decided to make Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs into his first animated film because he liked the classic tale and thought it was the perfect debut film for his animation studio. According to IMdb, Walt Disney was also inspired after he saw a major presentation of the 1916 silent film version of Snow White starring Marguerite Clark while he was working as a paperboy in Kansas City.

During filming, Walt Disney and the animators considered using two voice actresses one for the Evil Queen and one for her as the “Old Hag”. That is until Lucille La Verne, the voice actress for the Evil Queen proved that she was up for both tasks. How did she achieve such a raspy, evil voice for the hag? Simple. She took out her dentures!

The Evil Queen was never my favorite. I found her to be a little flat in Queen form and absolutely terrifying as a Hag. But now I have respect for the Evil Queen.
She’s a major Ice Queen 😉
What are your thoughts?

Fun bit O’ trivia!
The scream you hear when the Old Hag plummets to her death?
You can hear that same scream when Maleficent plummets to her death in Dragon Form in Sleeping Beauty.

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