D : Darth Vader “Darth Vader. Only you could be so bold.”

Day 05

Darth Vader

Number 3 in AFI’s 100 Greatest Heroes & Villains List, Darth Vader is one of the most recognizable Villains of all time.

In fact, knowing his popularity, creators of Rogue One (Director, Gareth Edwards and Director of Photography, Greig Fraser) felt immense pressure to perfectly utilize Vader’s appearance in the film. Knowing that people wanted to see the Sith Lord but understanding the importance of not over exposing the legendary hero.
(I think they captured the perfect amount, don’t you think?)

Speaking of overexposure, in A New Hope, Darth Vader only has about 12 minutes of screen time.

Darth Vader was the first character George Lucas created for Star Wars.
(I guess it makes sense, if you think about it 😉 )

Originally, George Lucas had actor/director/writer Orson Welles in mind for the voice of Darth Vader, but felt Welles’s voice would be too recognizable…funny to think that there were ever a time, James Earl Jones‘s voice was not considered distinct enough.

The sound that is heard when Darth Vader crushes the neck of Captain Antilles is the same sound as the carbonite breaking once Han Solo is freed.
The sound effect used was walnut shells being crushed.

Actor David Prowse did the lightsaber battles for A New Hope, but due to the fact he broke most of the lightsabers, he was replaced for the sequels. If you notice, this is the only film where Vader pivots on his feet.

Although according to the prequels, Darth Vader created C-3PO, they only share one scene together during the original trilogy. This scene occurs in Empire Strikes Back when Han Solo is being frozen in carbonite.

Throughout Return of the Jedi, Luke begins to look more and more like Darth Vader. He’s dressed in black, with darker hair and his lightsaber is no longer pure-blue. (Though another reason his saber was changed to green was that Lucas felt it would show up better during the Sarlacc Pit scene.

While its hinted that Luke may be growing darker, Darth Vader’s return to the Light Side is not ambiguous. In fact, when Darth Vader throws the Emperor down the Death Star shaft, listen for the Jedi theme. This is the only time you can hear the theme over Vader, highlighting his return to the light.

When I was younger Darth Vader was one of my favorite characters.
I’m not really sure why.
But back in 4th Grade I was determined to become a Jedi.
And after the steps, which I made up BTW 😛
My Biggest Goal was to meet Darth Vader.
(I thought that was how you became a Jedi, since Luke confronted Vader in Empire Strikes Back.)
I finally met him during an Easter Trip to Disney.
I was beyond excited.

(To be honest, I never considered myself a Jedi.)

I hope you enjoyed that.

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Thank you for Reading!

May the Force be with you.


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