C : C. Montgomery Burns “You’ll rue the day you crossed C. Montgomery Burns!”

Day 04

C. Montgomery Burns

First name, Charles.
C. Montgomery Burns is the richest man in Springfield. In fact, with a net worth of $1.3 Billion, Mr. Burns is number 13 in the current listing of Forbes Fictional 15. He’s been on the list since 1989, reaching as high as number 2 in 2006.

Mr. Burns is known to be a heartless, old miser. He was born in 1890, though he has stated in the past it was 1881. He lived a poor life with his parents, Clifford and Daphne Burns, 11 siblings and beloved Bobo. That is until he was taken in by a heartless billionaire, who happened to be his Grandfather, Colonel Wainwright Montgomery Burns. After 9 of his siblings mysterious died, Burns was left with his Grandfather’s fortune.

According to a Family tree created by Creator, Matt Groening, Mr. Burns is a distant relative of Homer Simpson.

Mr. Burns was first voiced by Chris Latta but it was Harry Shearer who made Burns his own. He was the first to utter the lines, Smithers and Release the Hounds. Shearer voices the widest range of characters on The Simpsons with 21 different characters. Including Mr. Burns, Kent Brockman and Ned Flanders.
He considers Burns to be his most challenging voice.

Mr. Burns is inspired by William Randolph Hearst, the greatest newspaper baron in the history of the US. Actor/Director/Writer Orson Welles based the main character in Citizen Kane after Hearst.
Burns is also based on Mr. Bailey, a High School teacher of Groening. As well as, the Norwegian businessman, Olav Thon, apparently. When Matt Groening was young, Thon reportedly took over a couple of industries in his hometown, shutting them down leaving many people without work.
Sounds like Burns doesn’t it?

In the episode Flaming Moe from Season 22, Mr. Burns signs his will, “Charles Montgomery Plantagenet Schicklgruber Burns”. Schicklgruber was the maiden name of Adolf Hitler’s paternal grandmother. Thus hinting at a possible relation.

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