How I spent my Solo “Day” at Disney ♡

After our Romantic Day just the three of us 😉

Stan had to head back to work which left me alone at Disney World.

I’ve spent many vacations at Disney World
I’ve lived through many memories and milestones.
I have never been to Disney by myself before.

This was a first.

Remember I said that we were married in Disney?

An odd question we were both asked from a Bridesmaid and a Groomsmen was:

“What is my Significant Other going to do while I’m getting ready for the Wedding?”

I thought this was a bit of an odd question since:

  1. We’re all adults and I think one can be alone for a few hours.
  2. We’re in Disney.
  3. I’ve had to entertain myself plenty of times.
  4. We’re in Disney!

So, I decided to take this Solo Disney Day as an opportunity…
and I hit the ground running.

Stan and I had a farewell Breakfast, took a picture on the Beach, in front of the Castle and then I kissed him goodbye and began my solo day at 10:30AM…

– DAY 01 –

  1. I took a quick nap…sorry I am pregnant after all 😛
  2. I bought myself a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri (tradition) and went to the Beach to lay out in the sun in my new maternity swimsuit ❤
  3. After soaking up some sun, I got dressed and began my Monorail Crawl.
    • Grand Floridian
      • I walked over to the GF so I could warm myself with some Wedding Pavilion Memories ❤
    • Magic Kingdom
    • Contemporary
    • Transportation & Ticket Center
    • Polynesian
  4. I went to the Great Ceremonial House for their Free Hula Lessons…I was a little nervous to go by myself but I thought, what the hell…then I got there and it had been canceled 😛
  5. I tried Octopus for the first time 0_O
    • Serious, opinion? It was like creepy chicken. It didn’t taste bad, it was just…odd.
  6. I walked back to the Great Ceremonial House to witness the Torch Lighting Ceremony.
    • They had our cousin from ‘Ohana playing the drums while this man ran out and fire danced. Very Cool.
  7. Then had a lovely little solo dinner of soup and salmon.
    • I tried to write out some postcards but I had a very friendly waiter 😛
  8. I had bought myself a bath bomb from the Grand Floridian, some desserts to go and had myself a relaxing little bath.
  9. To cap off the night, I had myself a Double Feature of Sorts. With my feet up I wrote out postcards and watched Switched at Birth and Ratatouile.
    • It was my first time watching Ratatouille, I was actually pretty darn cute. I was iffy about the whole rat thing and it didn’t seem like there were any relatable characters for me. But all and all it was not bad. I’m glad to finally have that under my belt.

– DAY 02 –

  1. Rainy Day, so I found myself heading Downtown to-uh, Disney Springs.
  2. It was pouring but I made it on time to the Cinema and watched 20th Century Women.
    • It was the only film playing that I hadn’t seen and sounded interesting.
    • I don’t know if it was the film or the fact that I was pregnant sitting in an uncomfortable seat but I found my mind drifting at times, but although it was slow overall it was an enjoyable viewing.
    • I really enjoyed the way the story played out and all of the different characters. The narrations were an interesting device which I found really added to the overall feel of the film.
    • If you find yourself on the couch needing something to watch that’s similar to companionship, I recommend this film.
  3. The rain had turned to a light drizzle so I walked the streets of Disney Springs, window shopping and whatnot. Mentally making a list of things I needed and wanted.

    • When I was hurrying to the theater I passed a bunch of posh shops which worried me that they changed the atmosphere of Downtown Disney pass the point of no return.
    • After the movie, I was able to see that for the most part Disney Springs has kept its charm.
      • There’s this nice Chocolate Shop with a Chocolate BB-8 under glass.
      • They have these really cool Disney shops with hip Disney fashions.
        • Which was a bit depressing since I couldn’t fit into anything…yet made window shopping easier and nice for my wallet 😛
      • They still have the Art of Disney ❤
        • Sad News: They got rid of the store in Hollywood Studios 😦
  4. Back at the bus depot it was pouring and my bus had just left, so no worries I hopped on the bus to the Contemporary and the monorail back to home-base…
    • Funny Social Experiment: I don’t expect people to give up their seats for me because I usually don’t feel that exhausted but I do like the offer. Just to see. My Dad gives up his seat at the drop of a hat. So, I’m intrigued to see who will offer me a seat.
    • Over this Disney visit two people offered me their seat. One woman was in crunches and the other woman was on this monorail.
      • Aside from children we were the only women on board and she was holding an infant.
  5. My parents arrived in the afternoon and then the Vacation could really begin!


I feel like as a Pregnant Woman I had a pretty successful Solo Day.

So to anyone thinking they can’t spend a few hours alone at Disney, there’s more than enough. And I didn’t even hit the parks!

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram for  pictures from my Solo Day!

Thank you for Reading!



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