What will our Lives look like One Month from now?

My exact due date is One Month from Today.

Now, lets see how accurate this will be.

I read that 50% of Pregnant Women are late…uh, thanks 😛

My Mom was exactly 2 weeks late with me.

While my Mother-in-Law was about a month early with Stan.

Does that have anything to do with anything?


For the past 8 months I just assumed that I was going to be late.
But now that I’m 30 Days away I can’t help but realize, she or he could be here any day now!

30 Days from now, where will we be?

Will we be taking care of an infant?
Will I be walking around the house trying to get the Baby moving?
will Stan be rushing me to the hospital?

Feel Free to Skip to the Bottom,
I’m just going to share some of my Pregnancy experiences with you.

I’ve felt a lot of kicks and a lot of pressure from the Baby.
I’ve been fortunate that the Baby sleeps when I sleep. I don’t get awoken much in the middle of the night. Other than bladder issues that is.

I’m nervous about going into labor early.
I don’t know if I shared this but I was put on bed rest for a few months.
My placenta was too low and I couldn’t exercise.
I was taken off bed rest in January. Which fortunately coincided with the weather cooling down. (Mosquitoes)

I’ve walked at least one mile around the block with Annie ever since.

But recently, I’ve taken it easier.
I’ve felt a lot more tired and I’ve been feeling minor (period like) cramps.
But my stomach hasn’t been tightening so I doubt that these are Braxton Hicks.
I just hope the Baby waits at least 2 more weeks!
(37 Weeks is considered full term)

I better leave you now because I still have A LOT to do.

Pack my Hospital Bag!!!
Finish the nursery!!

And if you have any ideas or advice send it on over!

Thank you for Reading.

It’ll be interesting to see where we’ll be in 30 days.
Maybe starting a whole new life!


One thought on “What will our Lives look like One Month from now?

  1. Take it easy and don’t worry:) Let me do all of that- I scream and jump 5 feet whenever there’s a phone call/text from y’all. Lots of love!

    Liked by 1 person

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