Disney Date for Three

Stan and I first met in Disney World.
We had our First date in Epcot.
We were fortunate enough to get married in Disney World.

And I’m extremely fortunate to have found a Soul Mate who gets Disney like I do.

For all you fellow Disney Fans out there, don’t you get tired of having to explain your love of Disney to people?
I mean, Get Off Our Backs!!!

So, since I was Pregnant and we were in Florida, I thought it’d be the best time to recreate a little magic.


We had Annie with us and dropped her off for the night at Disney’s Best Friend Pet Care.
Let me just say, if you have the chance, take your pet here.
It’s absolutely adorable!

The outside of Best Friend’s looks similar to this picture but they’ve smartly changed the fencing to scenes from Lady and the Tramp. There’s also a giant bone and over sized fire hydrant.

Once inside there’s an area for cats, an area for birds and of course one for dogs.
I got to peak in at the Cats and Birds and overall they looked like a wonderful place to stay.
Checking in, they have toys and Disney Collars for sale.

Since she was only staying one night, we asked for the villa.

Once signed in, we were led down a hallway of glass rooms each with one dog inside.
Each room had a corner dog hammock, corner water bowl, a concrete step with a cushy dog pillow on it and the Crème de la Crème : a flat screen TV playing Disney on loop.
There was also a door which led to the bathroom.

I hated to leave her, but she looked happy.
Later in the day she had playtime with other dogs and story time.

(When Stan picked her up she was given a lovely little report card to boot)

After checking into our Hotel, we made a Beeline to Epcot.

While we waited for World Showcase to open, we got the opportunity to look at the last pieces of art they had on display.

Since this was Stan’s only Disney Day and  I’m Pregnant, I was leaving all our plans up to him…except Dinner.
That was covered.
We spent the day with
me window shopping around the world
Stan drinking around the world.

We did watch the American Adventure show.
I had forgotten how moving that was.

Anniversary Dinner

Originally, we were going to have a romantic dinner the weekend before our Catholic Anniversary…but our friend Juice moved out of his apartment and we were housing him for the weekend. (We really like Juice, so it wasn’t a huge deal, but I still wanted our romantic dinner. I bought a special maternity dress for the occasion)
Personally, it worked out well.
We were in Disney World.
Close to both our Wedding Anniversary and our Catholic Anniversary.
We got a reservation at the fancy California Grill.

I was able to get my hair and makeup done, put on my new red maternity dress with the plunging neckline, Stan wore his matching red tie and we were good to go!

Overall, it was a magical evening.

I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Sunday
happy Monday.
Thank you for Reading!


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