Florida – Baby Shower ♡

My Mom and I signed up for the RunDisney Princess 5K back in July, right before I became pregnant.

Because of the Zika Virus I was on the fence about going. I know the only cases were in Dade County, Miami, but it’s scary. I spoke to my Doctor about it and she said that since I was in my third trimester and that I wouldn’t be in the danger zones that it would be all right if I went to Florida…just don’t go out into the brush or woods looking for trouble.

So, after much consideration we decided to go to Florida.

Friends of ours just had their Baby Girl in the beginning of February.
The Weekend before the Race Stan had a 4-Day.
It worked out perfectly.

We left Saturday morning and reached Stan’s family by the afternoon.
After dropping Annie off we went straight to see the new Baby.

It was a surreal moment.
Everything was exactly the same except it was completely different.

I went to College with these Friends, Stan went to Elementary School with one and Middle School/High School with the other. They’re our first friends to have a Baby and to see them caring for such a tiny human being made me realize just how real this whole thing is.

I really have a tiny being inside me!

Sunday – 19 – February – 2017

From Stan’s Best Friend to one of My Best Friends,
we had a delicious Breakfast with my Friend who kept me alive in Ireland, Leigh ❤

Leigh is one of the best cooks I know and her specialty is definitely Breakfast,
Sunday she made us sticky buns, baked eggs and croissants.

Then I had to rush over to meet my Grandma for lunch…or so I thought.

We had planned to have lunch at this very special restaurant my Grandfather used to take us to. It over looks the water and is right next to where he used to keep his boat. This was also the place I ate Grouper for the first time 😛

When we arrived at the restaurant we turned the corner and saw all of my Florida friends and family! The biggest surprise of all was that my Mom and Godmother were there! They had flown in for the occasion.
I felt kind of bad because I’m not very outwardly expressive with my emotions.
But I was a bit overwhelmed.
I don’t know if you can relate but sometimes you can feel so down in the dumps focusing on how lonely you feel but then times like these remind you of just how loved you truly are.

I may not have made a big deal
I seriously got choked up seeing everyone
witnessing all of the love that surrounds me.

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend.

Thank you for Reading!


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