International Women’s Day 2017

Since I’m not currently working full-time I don’t have a place I can skip today.

So, I’ve decided to celebrate in other ways:
Getting Caught up with,
listening to the Women in Pop Radio Station on Pandora
Wearing Red when I took Annie for our walk,
most importantly,
I took time for myself and kept my Pregnant feet up on the couch.

I just want to give a Shout out to all the Women in my life.

To my Aunts who work hard at Thankless Jobs and are constantly there for me,
To each of my amazing girlfriends who are so creatively passionate in their endeavors.

To my Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law for welcoming into the family with open arms and never make me feel awkward.

To my Grandma who is much stronger than she believes
and to most importantly
my Mother.
Who is constantly putting others before herself without hesitation
my forever Best Friend.

I salute each and every one of you today.
Keep Pushing Forward!

A friend of mine posted on Facebook today, stating that International Men’s Day is November 19. At first, I just laughed, isn’t every day Men’s Day? But then when I seriously thought about it, this is equality. This is what Feminism is all about.

There’s a special Day for Women and a special Day for Men.
It’s that simple.

Since we’re still striving towards Equality,
today Women participated in a Strike.

Another Friend of mine posted this Article:
Can’t take off for the Women’s Strike? Here are 21 ways to show your support.

I know it’s too late to really do many of these but these are all things you can do
all year round.

If you need the short version, here’s the list:
(But make sure to read the full article when you have a chance!)

  1. Take part in an International Women’s Day event in your community.

  2. Wear red to show your support.

  3. Learn more about women in the labor movement.

  4. Dine out at a woman- or minority-owned restaurant.

  5. Join or support your local women’s chamber of commerce.

  6. Stream films by female directors.

  7. Support female artists and performers in your community.

  8. Freshen up your timeline and follow female leaders, scientists, writers, and performers on Twitter.

  9. Call or write your legislator and share where you stand on living wage, equal pay, family leave, reproductive justice, and maternal health issues.

  10. Look up the next town hall in your area.

  11. Contribute what you can to different women’s groups and nonprofits.

  12. Buy a box of Girl Scout cookies.

  13. You’ve got friends who should run for office. Tell them.

  14. Find your inner RBG, or at least attempt one of her intense workouts.

  15. Celebrate the women in your life and thank them for the work they do.

  16. Inspire the next generation of brave women with picture books.

  17. Donate new packages of pads and tampons to shelters.

  18. Take a minute for yourself.

  19. Be an ally for other women you work with.

  20. Watch speeches from the Women’s March to remember why you’re fighting and stay inspired.

  21. Share why you’re striking or why you’d like to strike with your network.

Here’s another interesting article from Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

March 8th: A Day Without A Woman

If you’re having trouble thinking of a film you can watch, Buzzfeed has this fun little quiz with plenty of fun films for you to indulge in today!

How Many Of These Movies By Female Directors Have You Seen?

Thank you for Reading!

I’ll leave you with a little humor…




2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day 2017

  1. Thankful for this blog today, but somewhat ashamed- I take for granted all the strong women in my life including those I never met who lived before. I rarely think of what my life would be without them. Sounds like a man?

    Liked by 1 person

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