Women’s March : “From Kensington to Billingsgate One hears the restless cries! From ev’ry corner of the land: ‘Womankind, arise!'”


Yesterdays Women’s March was such an empowering experience. My husband came with me and the two or should I say three of us had a really nice time. Everyone I told about this was worried about the crowds but the entire experience was extremely laid back.

We all met in a park where the organizer of the event was rallying the troops via loud-speaker. There were so many people there from all walks of life, Women, Men, Young, Old, Black, Asian, Latina, White, etc.

We lined up to march and then we were off. We were quiet at first but the  women behind us were apparent pros because they had some chants up their sleeves.

Chants such as:

“Our Bodies Our Rights”

a combination of “‘Love Not Hate’ and ‘Love Trumps Hate'”

“‘What do we want?’ ‘EQUALITY!’ ‘When do we want it?’ ‘NOW!!'”

“America’s Already Great!”

to name a few.

We walked about 3 miles in total and a lot of the march was in beautiful areas of our community we never knew existed. There’s several museums and a beautiful Riverwalk.

I still feel a little bad we weren’t able to march in Washington DC but under the circumstances I feel so fortunate with how events turned out. Overall, this march was just an amazing experience. I was surrounded by a really strong group of women. And the men who joined were just very positive. Everyone was just upbeat and cheerful.

People beeped their horns and cheered as we marched by. There were Police blocking the roads for us and each time we passed we thanked them. We even saw a Trump supporter who was just sitting in his car watching us. A fellow marcher behind me told him we loved him 😛

My favorite part of the March were the Protest signs. A few of my favorites were:

“Respect my Existence or Expect my Resistance.”

“Without Hermione Harry would’ve died in Book 1”

and a few which contained some very specific and very effective imagery.

It poured for a majority of the march and by the end we were drenched but the rain didn’t get us down. We were just happy and content to be part of something much bigger than ourselves for a few hours.

Afterwards as we all went our separate ways. Stan and I grabbed lunch and thought back on the days events:

  • I feel so incredibly fortunate to live in this country where I have the freedom to protest my Rights.
  • I feel so incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded people who are willing to go out and march on a Saturday.
  • I feel so incredibly fortunate to have a husband who not only supports my rights as a woman but felt compelled to march alongside me.


And after reading stories and seeing pictures from the marches around the world, from the news and my own friends:

  • I am so proud of my friends: I knew people from all across the country who marched. (LA, Chicago, NYC, Florida, Washington, etc.)
  • I am so proud that no one was injured or arrested yesterday.
  • and today, like every day, I am so proud to be a Woman.

May this be just the beginning.

A friend of mine shared this link on Facebook:

10 Actions in 100 Days

Check it out the first Action is no pressure at all!

Tonight, I will leave you with a song my High School used to have us sing on Graduation Day. As you might remember I went to an All Girl’s School. I thought of my sisters yesterday and of singing this song alongside them, for our sisters leaving us that year.

Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me
Let there be peace on earth
The peace that was meant to be

With God as our father
Sisters all are we
Let me walk with my sisters
In perfect harmony

Let peace begin with me
Let this be the moment now
With every step I take
Let this be my solemn vow

To take each moment
And live each moment
In peace eternally
Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me.

Thank you for Reading.

.Post Script.

This is an extremely well written response to a Woman who publicly dismissed the March.

In case you misunderstood the signs that were left behind after the rally. Click this link for more information on how people ended their protest by placing their signs outside Trump International Hotel in Washington DC.


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