Why I March…

Since first learning about the Women’s March on Washington, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to join the cause. A few friends of mine were also interested. But we decided not to attend, due to scheduling but mostly due to my pregnancy. We thought it best to sit this one out, sadly.

But yesterday, by chance I found a second option. A much more low key, closer to home option.

But allow me to clarify that I do not agree with violence or disrupting the peaceful progression of democracy. I agree with sending a message of positivity, love, and progression. I cannot stress this enough, all I want is for Trump to succeed, so that we may succeed. But can’t he succeed with helping each and every American? Can’t he extend the olive branch instead of deepening the divide?

I want him to succeed and prove all the people who have supported him and not supported him wrong.

I really do.

But we must remember that we need to Stay Informed and not be Afraid to Push Back.

And so today I will march.

I march for my Mother and Grandmother, for all my Aunts, my cousins, sisters from High School and each and every one of my friends.

I march for the women and men who have passed before me and cannot stand by my side today.

I march for all women, people of color, immigrants, Muslims, the LGBT community, disabled citizens, and anyone else who may feel threatened.

I march for Peace, open mindedness and togetherness.

I march for my baby. Girl or Boy this march is important for all genders.

Because Feminism is not a Woman’s issue.

My baby will know we will not back down from injustice.

We will not go back because we are marching forward.

God Bless America

Thank you for Reading.


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