In my opinion this is not a Hillary Clinton campaign slogan.

Saying Love Trumps Hate is so much more than that.

Something that the people I know who voted for Trump do not realize is the same thing I’ve been talking about for months. This is so much bigger than simple politics.

This is so much bigger than a Republican beating a Democrat.
and vice versa.

This is human decency.

After the election I said that I hope he proves us all wrong.
I hope that he is a great President.
I still hope that this will be true.

However, I can hope that Trump does Good by our country
as well as
feel extreme dislike for him at the same time.

I honestly can’t stand him, I loathe him. I loathe him and his egotistical, self-centered, thoughtless and compassionless nature. That at 70 he still has tantrums.

I can’t stand that people don’t listen to the hatred and ignorance spewing from his mouth. That they rather believe lies than their own eyes.

Donald Trump is the bad boy girls think they need to be attracted to.
His voters have been fooled by his “confidence” and tough talk. They think he’s this bad boy with a heart of gold we’ve been groomed to find attractive. But guess what, those guys only work out in movies and Trump’s heart is not gold.

I don’t understand how people can stand by him even in the face of him being a complete a**hole. I could go on and on but you’ve heard all the names before.
Misogynist is one that strikes too close to home.

And this is why I will continue to use

Love Trumps Hate.

Because in our darkest moments we must remember that light will guide our way and that hate cannot drive out hate.
Only love can do that.

I can’t stand Donald Trump, but I will continue to hope that he will prove us all wrong.
But trust is something that is earned.
So, I will continue to be skeptical and play defense.

So, drink this to help you get through the day


if you can’t partake in the bubbly,

check out Instagram for something I created as a quiet protest.

God Bless America

Thank you for Reading!


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