And Baby Makes Three…Four including Annie.

To help Ring in the New Year I’d like to make a personal announcement.

Stan and I are expecting our first Child this year.

Spring 2017,
a possible Aries,
to be precise.

It’s been hard not sharing this with you all sooner, especially while I was going through my Morning Sickness months and could’ve used a sympathetic ear.

Overall, since my Morning Sickness has gone, I can honestly say I’ve been enjoying my pregnancy.

I mean, Yes, I miss eating and drinking whatever my heart’s desire.

Sushi, Alcohol…my goodness, Lunch Meat!
I never knew you couldn’t indulge in a nice juicy sandwich for nine months!

But since my sickness has dwindled and my belly has popped, Pregnancy has become much more as how I expected it would be.

On a more serious note, I’ve been much more cautious about mosquitoes.
Staying inside, applying bug repellent, constantly wearing pants and long sleeves.
That was a major pain in the beginning but now that the weather is cooler, I’ve been finally able to relax and start exercising again.
I really missed walking.

One of the more exciting news has been all of my friends who have announced they’re pregnancies. My Baby is going to have so many fellow Roosters ❤

As for our beloved first baby, uh, furbaby, Annie…I know her life will get a little tough for a short period but then it’s going to get so much better…I truly cannot wait for her to meet her new little brother or sister. I am so envious of the adventures that await them.

So, that’s my big announcement.

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Thank you for Reading!


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