UPDATE : Random Acts of Christmas Kindness 2016

Here’s an update on how my Random Acts of Christmas Kindness journey went.

I’ll admit it has been challenging to accomplish every one of these Random Acts on each and every day they were supposed to be accomplished. So, to be honest with you, some were done on different days then when they were intended to.

Saturday, 10 December: Candy Cane Bomb a Parking Lot

I had to take Annie to the Vet. We have a great place where we’ve taken almost all of our pets. They are all animal lovers and have taken wonderful care of all of our animal friends. So, it felt like the perfect place to give out Candy Canes.
They certainly deserve a Random Act of Kindness.

Sunday, 11 December: Tape Change to a Vending Machine

For some reason I’ve had a hard time finding a vending machine! Can you believe that? So, I broke down and just taped them to the machine at work 😛 Four quarters, that should cover any item. Except chocolate milk!

Monday, 12 December: Call a faraway Friend or Relative to say Hello!

I phoned my  Grandma…which is a bit of a cheat because part of my top 4 People Call List.
But in 2017, I vow to push myself harder to make those Family phone calls.

Tuesday, 13 December: Take Supplies to the Animal Shelter

I brought a case of Dog Food to our local Animal Shelter. There’s this great shelter near our house…who actually “kidnapped” our Cat a few years back…but they took good care of her and that’s water under the bridge. We like them because they’re a no kill shelter 🙂

Wednesday, 14 December: Do a Chore for Someone in your Family

I feel weird counting this as a “Chore” since I’m a grown woman. But my parents had to go into work today, I was planning to go in with them but Annie has been very out of it since her procedure, so I’m staying home to keep an eye on her. Since I had the house to myself and some pep in my step I straightened up the house before my parents got home.

Thursday, 15 December: Give a Compliment to a Friend

Again, this feels like an ‘easy’ Random Act of Kindness but I complimented a few friends today.
All I can say is no matter what you may think compliments are always welcomed even if the receiver may not visibly show their appreciation.

Friday, 16 December: Take Treats to the Fire or Police Station

I baked Chocolate Chip Cookies and gave them to my Aunt’s Friend who used to be a Fireman. He brought them to the Volunteer Fire Department to share with his friends there.

Saturday, 17 December: Leave a Popcorn Surprise on a DVD Rental Machine

I bought a $10 AMC gift card from Shop Rite, wrapped it in white paper and wrote POPCORN $! on it and taped it to a RedBox machine out front.

Sunday, 18 December: Feed the Birds

I keep two Bird Feeders outside my parent’s house. I try to keep it filled all year round but especially during the long winter months.

Monday, 19 December: Pay for a Stranger’s Coffee

I was Christmas Shopping with my Dad in Target, we were in line at Starbucks when this lady came up behind us. Since we were still deciding we allowed her to go ahead but we also bought her drink order. She was trying to resist but a Cop who was nearby told her that when someone is being kind it’s best to just accept it and pass it forward. Don’t ask questions just pass it on.

Tuesday, 20 December: Leave a Happy Note for someone to find

Another “Cheat” Kindness. I like to leave notes for my favorite people anyway. Especially when I’m leaving the compound. I don’t always allow myself the time to create these notes but whenever I leave home or my parent’s home I like to leave notes behind for my loved ones to find.

Wednesday, 21 December: Pass Out Stickers to Kids in Line

I hate that everyone is so suspicious nowadays, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I thought it might be odd to see a grown women giving out stickers to random kids, so I bought some stickers and mailed them to my little cousins 😛

Thursday, 22 December: Give Treats to the Mail Carrier

I left a box of chocolate and a Happy New Year’s Card in the mailbox for our Mail Carrier.

Friday, 23 December: Smile at Everyone you see Today

This is another “too” easy Act, but this also brings on the nostalgia for me. It really took me back to Middle School. Back when I was just miserable in school, I felt like such an outcast. Long Story Short: I barely had any friends and just felt so alone. My only solace was to smile. My Mom told me just to smile at everyone I saw each day. That my smile will radiate from the outside in. Later as an adult, I read an article about how forcing yourself to smile will actually trick your brain into thinking you’re happy…so, all I’d like to say is, Thanks Mom!

Saturday, 24 December: Do a Secret Act of Kindness for Someone

I bought a bunch of feminine hygiene products (tampons, pads and overnight pads) and donated them to the Planned Parenthood in my town.

Sunday, 25 December: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I didn’t do all of the items on the list below.

A lot of these overlap with what else I’ve been doing.
Mostly, I just wanted to share these.
You know, spread kindness into the world, positive breeds positive.
It’s also here to remind myself of how simple these Random Acts can be.
And to motivate myself to continue to be Kind.
I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m just striving to make positive changes.
You know, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

I’ll get off my soap box now and let you read the darn list 😛

Here’s the List from

The Random Act of Kindness Foundation:

December 9 : Hold the Door Open for Multiple People

December 10 : Donate Loose Change
(This is perfect for when you see one of those shelter donation boxes when you’re in line at the Grocery Store.)

December 11 : Leave a Big Tip!

December 12 : Bake Cookies & Deliver them to your local Police or Fire Station.

December 13 : Pay for the Car behind you at a Drive-Thru.
(This is a real test in trust.)

December 14 : Leave lottery tickets somewhere to be found.

December 15 : Offer to Shovel a Neighbor’s Driveway & Sidewalk.

December 16 : Order Desserts for another family while out Dining.

December 17 : Leave Scarves tied around Trees for those in Need.
(This would be the perfect Random Act of Kindness to do next year, after a years worth of knitting. Idk about you but I’m an expert scarf maker :-P)

December 18 : Donate a new stuffed animal to your local children’s hospital.

December 19 : Take a Friend out for Coffee.

December 20 : Hide dollars around a dollar store with kind notes attached.

December 21 : Leave a positive note for your child, spouse, friend or teacher

December 22 : Let Someone have your Parking Space.

December 23 : Bake Cookies for your Neighbor.

December 24 : Pick up Litter.

December 25 : Put Positive Sticky Notes on Bathroom Mirrors.
(This is such a cute idea, I really want to start doing this for my loved ones. I need to start carrying sticky notes around with me for Public Restrooms as well 😉 )

December 26 : Send Anonymous Flowers to Someone in your Life.

December 27 : Text 5 of your Friends to let them know You’re Thinking of Them.
(This was such an easy and uncomplicated sentiment. The only thing “odd” about it is the stigma of texting a friend out of the blue. It feels odd but what’s so odd about letting someone know you care about them? Personally, if someone sent a text to me out of the blue saying that they care about me I wouldn’t be creeped out, I would be very flattered.)

December 28 : Smile at Everyone you come across.

December 29 : Run an Errand or Do a Chore for Someone.

December 30 : Leave a Funny Note or some Cash in your favorite Library Book.
(Here’s another one I like to do from time to time. I started leaving things in Library books after I came across a few books with bookmarks, notes and lists in them. This is such a corky thing to do 🙂 )

December 31 : REFLECT: Make a List of all the Great Things from 2016.
(I didn’t do this on New Year’s Eve since we had a full house, but this is something I’ve been working on today. It’s perfect timing since lucky me, I’m sick 😛 )

So that’s it, I tried to end 2016 on a High Note.

Here’s to a Kinder, Progressive and much Happier 2017!

Thank you for Reading.


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