National Maple Syrup Day

National Maple Syrup Day

Saturday, December 17

What better way to celebrate my time in my second home, than to enjoy a stack of piping hot pancakes with a warmed square of butter and sweet sticky layer of Syrup.
Especially on such a beautifully cold snowy day.


Before I talk about my family traditions, did you know that syrup has been around since before the 16th Century! Native Americans were the first to boil tree sap, some people dispute this (but lets just say they’re wrong). People probably don’t consider the Native Americans to be the first ones to create Maple Syrup because they used a more primitive method. They showed European settlers who perfected the process. By the 1700s, Native Americans and European settlers were both using iron and copper kettles to create syrup.

When I was a little girl, my Mom used to make me pancakes at least once a week. She would transform the pancakes into the shapes of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse…and sometimes Donald or Goofy but those required more imagination. As I grew up she would make me Mickey pancakes on special occasions or  when I was home for the holidays from school.


My Dad would always buy me special syrup.
Mostly from Vermont, especially when my Aunt used to live there,
or sometimes Canada.

I know I’m an adult but days like these I can’t help but allow my Mom
to baby me with her good cooking.


Click here for a Glimpse of today’s special treat!

I hope wherever you are reading this, your bellies are full
and you are surrounded by loved ones.

Thank you for Reading!


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