Poinsettia Day

Poinsettia Day

Who knew there was a whole day dedicated to Christmas’s Favorite Flower?

I love Poinsettias, if Stan and I got married around Christmas, I would have loved to have Poinsettias in my Bridesmaid’s Bouquets. Wouldn’t that have been lovely?

So, romantic and Christmasy.

My Mom is a big fan of Poinsettias, it’s one of her favorite flowers.
Since she’s a December Baby, I buy one for her every year on her birthday.

But did you know you have to be careful with Poinsettias? They can be mildly deadly (meaning it won’t kill you….but it might) for pets if consumed, but who wants to risk it. Better to place these beautiful plants up high away from wandering paws.

The Poinsettia is an indigenous plant to Mexico. It gets it’s English name from Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first United States Minister to Mexico and amateur botanist. He saw the plant during his time south of Mexico City and sent samples back to the United States. By 1836 the plant was named in his honor.

There’s actually an old legend about the Poinsettia
it’s called
Flowers Of The Holy Night

Long ago, there were siblings who lived in Mexico and loved Christmas very much. The girl was named Maria and her brother was Pablo. Their favorite part of the season was watching their Church construct their nativity scene. But this year Maria was sad, she was frustrated that yet again they had nothing to give Baby Jesus. She walked morosely to the Church with Pablo by her side. Suddenly an Angel appeared to them and simply said,  “All you have to do is gather what is at your feet.” So the children did as they were told and gathered the weeds and sticks that were around them.

They proceeded to the Church where they placed the weeds and sticks at the base of Jesus’s Crib. Maria and Pablo remained content with their gift but then the other children laughed and jeered at them. Embarrassed, Maria was almost brought to tears. Until a miracle occurred, the weeds and sticks they brought bloomed into beautiful red star shaped flowers. The other children stopped their jeers and everyone realized that the true gift of Christmas comes from the size of ones heart and not by the size of their wallet. From that moment on the flowers were known as,
‘Flores de Noche Buena’, meaning ‘Flowers of the Holy Night’.

We bought some Poinsettia plants when we bought our Christmas tree this year
and I found one that really spoke to me.

Click here to see my little Poinsettia Plant.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season!

Thank you for Reading.


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