Christmas Party 2016 & Just Desserts!

My Aunt hosted her annual Christmas Party last night.
It was a night full of Friends, Family, Laughter and Christmas Goodies!

It was wonderful to see some old friends and family members I don’t get to see that often. We mostly talked the night away and ate some good food.
Though we did cap the night off with our traditional:
12 Days of Christmas!
I got 4 Calling Birds 😛

But back to Christmas Goodies,

my contribution was a Cake, a fancy Black and White.
I decided to try something new and bake a Black Forest Cake.

My friend suggested I try a recipe from King Arthur Flour.
I’m normally a strict Martha Stewart gal. But I heard good things about King Arthur Flour so I decided to try their recipe. And I’m glad I did. It was a very smooth process and straight forward recipe. Though the filling part did stall me a moment. After some consideration I decided not to add the cherries.

And since this was a quick bake decision I didn’t give myself the opportunity to go out and buy shaved chocolate. So Chocolate Chips were substituted in. I placed a layer in between the two cakes.

Taste wise, I found the Cake to be quite smooth. The Cake was just moist enough and very thick. The Frosting on the other hand was just creamy goodness. Usually, when I make homemade frosting it’s incredibly sweet but this frosting was just perfect.

Overall, I found my first attempt at baking a Black Forest Cake to be a success!

I decided to top my Cake with Holly…though to answer my dear friend, Elise. No, the Holly was purely decorative. No one was Harmed in the Baking of this Cake.

Click here to see the finished product!

Thank you for Reading.

Now, Bake Away!


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