Yesterday, Today n’ Tomorrow – Random Acts of Christmas Kindness 2016


:Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow:

Yesterday, Wednesday, December 7th, Donate Food to your Local Shelter:

There’s a Food Pantry  in the Methodist Church where I used to go to for my Vacation Bible School. But I always forget about items people always forget to donate and turns out to be what people need the most. Items such as Feminine Products. So, I’d like to start “remembering” to donate those products to the pantry, homeless shelter and wherever they’re needed.

Today, Thursday, 08 December, Let Someone Go Ahead of You in Line:

Here’s another “slacker” act of kindness…I do this all the time. Some times to be kind, but I do it a lot when I’m just not sure if I’m ready for the commitment to place my order.
So I don’t know how “kind” that actually counts.


Tomorrow, Friday, 09 December, Take Coffee to your Teacher:

I hope she’s too busy to read my Post, but since I no longer have a teacher, I decided to send a Starbucks Card to my favorite teacher…my mother-in-law!


The Random Act of Kindness Foundation,

Day 08 : Leave a Friendly Note Where Someone will Find It.

Thank you for Reading!

And in case I don’t see you,
Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night


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