Cookies, Toys, Jokes & Hugs : Random Acts of Christmas Kindness 2016

Things have been a little busy around here,
We were driving most of Saturday with Annie and Gracie in the car.

So, since we were on the move, I had to postpone a few of my acts of kindness.

Saturday, Bake Cookies for your neighbor:

I was a little nervous about giving cookies to a neighbor, since I’m a grown adult and seriously, who wants random cookies from an adult? But there’s still a few neighbors in our hood who remembers when I was a kid, so I decided why not and brought some over to our next door neighbor who lost her husband a few years back.

Sunday, Donate Toys to your Favorite Charity:

At first this was a tough one because I don’t have any favorite charities that take toy collections but then I remembered the Christmas Tree Gift Tags they have at Church. You know how they have the Christmas Trees with tags with children’s names and what they want for Christmas? I “helped” my Mom when I was little and once I was old enough to participate, it’s become one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I believe some people call them Angel Trees?

Monday, Tell silly jokes to make someone laugh:

This is where things got a bit odd. But then again, I was raised to believe
Laughter is the Best Medicine.
So, I’m usually goofier than the average bear
and I firmly promote the use of comedy over tragedy.

Tuesday, Make a Hug Coupon for someone:

and of course, today I made a hug coupon for Stan 😛
Though Stan doesn’t need a coupon for a hug.

Here are the random acts of kindness posted by
The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
from the past 4 days:

Day o3 : Donate a toy to a local charity.

Day 04 : Talk to someone new.

Day o5 : Say something Kind to someone.

Day 06 : Mail a Surprise package to someone you know.

I hope you’re all enjoying your December!

Thank you for Reading.


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