November 12, 1955? That was the day I went back in… I mean, that was the day of the famous Hill Valley lightning storm.

61 years ago today,
in a world not much different from our own,

happens to be the most important day in the Back to the Future Universe.

November 12, 1955

  1. The Night the Lightning Struck the Clock Tower and the Clock hasn’t run since.
  2. The Night George finally stood up to Biff, laying him in one punch.
  3. The Night George and Lorraine kiss for the first time and realize they’ll spend the rest of their lives together.
  4. The Night Marty went Back to the Future.
  5. The Day Old Biff went back to give Young Biff the Sports Almanac.
  6. The Day Doc and Marty return to retrieve the Almanac.
  7. The Night Marty retrieves the Almanac and restores balance to the future.
  8. The Night the DeLorean gets struck by Lightning and sends Doc back to 1885.

    And just for fun,
    It’s also the night Marty almost gives Doc a Heart attack.


Thank you for Reading!


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