Presidential Election 2016 – “Sex! Now that I’ve got your attention, Vote for Bart!”

Once again I voted for President through the Mail

I’m a Proud Independent Voter.

My Paternal Grandfather was a die-hard Republican
My Maternal Grandfather was a die-hard Democrat.

I was raised to Vote for the Person, Not the Party.

and  I’ve always lived by this creed.

Though I do agree with Susan Sarandon that we should have a strong Independent Party candidate, I agree that our 2 Party system is not working, but I firmly believe that this was not the year to mess around and have a protest vote.

I may be naive in writing this, but this election is not a typical one.
just listen,
and I’m sorry but I’m going to have to rant for a moment: I am so sick of people saying that they don’t like either candidate. That they hate them both. I feel like the only people who can really say that honestly are my die-hard Republican family members who are stuck between a Rock and a Bigot.

But as my dear friend pointed out, “I think it’s a cop-out and they’re not actually doing their homework.”

I could honestly say that I’ve never really liked any candidate who has run in the past. And in hindsight, it had everything to do with me not doing my homework. (Please note that I’m counting the elections while I was in Grammar School)

To say this election season has been stressful is a bit of an understatement.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been mostly nervous about the results tonight.

I don’t want to watch the results…but I can’t. look. AWAY!

Here are a few links for you

FiveThirtyEight – Who will win the presidency?

Presidential Election Results

FiveThirtyEight – 2016 Election Night Live coverage and results

Good Luck tonight,
may you find a good vice for getting through these last hours of the Election.

Our poison of choice?

Thank you for Reading


2 thoughts on “Presidential Election 2016 – “Sex! Now that I’ve got your attention, Vote for Bart!”

  1. I am trying, but these last two days have proven so difficult.Yesterday I was in total shock. Did this really happen? Did we really just elect such a hateful, disrespectful charlatan to lead us? More than half the people I work and live with, love, serve and share my life with, friends and family wanted this outcome. Once again hate wins and love loses. I loved my country so much. More often than not, the candidate I voted for lost. Though not I have understood and respected the way our democracy works. Regardless of my opinion, he was the President of the United States and for that alone he had my respect and rectitude, along with every other duly elected official. I simply cannot and will not do that this time. In my heart I cannot even consider myself a citizen once he takes office. If a person like him is going to be our leader, and the constitution is what in part made that possible, then is it even worth the paper it’s written on? I am crushed and broken and beyond disappointed in “we the people”.

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