Drawlloween 31 : “…I got a Rock.”


♫Trick or Treat,
smell my feet,
give me something good to eat,
if you don’t,
I don’t care,
I’ll pull down your underwear♫

Apparently there’s more than one version of this song. The one above is the version I grew up singing 😛 Here’s a sweeter one 😛

♫ Trick or treat?
Trick or treat?
Give me something good to eat.
Apples, peaches, tangerines.
Happy Happy Halloween♫

Do you have a specific version that you sang growing up?

And speaking of trick or treats
One of our all favorite Trick or Treaters must be
the Peanuts gang.

In 1966 the Peanuts broadcasted the animated television special,
It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

This is a holiday favorite and an important part of Peanut history.

This is the 1st time the animators drew Lucy pulling the football away from poor Charlie Brown who is about to kick it. This has become a signature move for that b*tch, Lucy…pardon my French.

Is it me or do you think Lucy had a crush on Charlie? …or maybe she just needed a good smack in the back of the head.

This is also the only time in Peanut History where another character other than Charlie Brown is called a Blockhead. Again, Resident Jerk, Lucy calls her brother Linus a blockhead for hanging out in the Pumpkin Patch all night instead of collecting candy.

Probably the most memorable line from the special occurred while the children are trick or treating. The children visit each house as a group and after each time they receive candy they count their loot. They each proclaim their candy count to which Charlie ends with,
I got a Rock.”

This gag has been referenced in many other television shows in honor of Charlie Brown, shows such as Family Guy.

This line was referenced again in the comic strip. On November 1st, 1975, it was Peppermint Patty who ended up staying out in the Pumpkin Patch all night with Linus. The next day Peppermint Patty complains to Charlie Brown about missing trick or treating. Peppermint Patty says, “I sat in a pumpkin patch for a week, and I didn’t get ANYTHING!” to which Charlie Brown replies, “Do you want my rock?”

A kind of happy ending or kindness alert to Charlie Brown only receiving a Rock.
After the special aired in 1966, children all over the country sent candy to Charlie Brown out of sympathy.

I hope you all had a spooktastical Halloween!

Thank you for Reading!

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Click here to watch, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Happy Halloween



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