Drawlloween 30 : “Dead men tell no tales”

Skulls & Skeletons

Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies was a series of short animated films which Walt Disney Productions produced from 1929 to 1939. Unlike the short cartoons that featured the Fab Five, the Silly Symphonies did not have reoccurring characters. However, it’s interesting to note, that Donald Duck’s debut into animation was in the 1934 Silly Symphony short, The Wise Little Hen.

The Silly Symphonies was a vital vehicle for the development of the Walt Disney Company. By exploring different techniques, character, story and animation style, Disney was able to pave the way for his success in animation. If it wasn’t for Silly Symphonies there would be no, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and no Disney. Disney went on to win seven Academy Awards for best Animated Short Films for Silly Symphonies.

The very first Silly Symphony is also one of its more memorable and popular shorts. The six minute short, The Skeleton Dance, was released on August 22, 1929. Walt Disney directed the short and Ub Iwerks animated it. The musical score was the Foxtrot played in a minor key. Part of this cartoon was used in a Mickey Mouse Cartoon called Haunted House.

Do you have a favorite Silly Symphony?

Thank you for Reading!

and I drew this just because I’m in a feline state of mind…


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