Drawlloween 25 : “‘Now is the time for fun,’ he said”.

Entombed Tuesday

Instead of talking about something morbid.
Today, I’ll be discussing a favorite children’s book of mine.

Sam and the Firefly.

Written in 1958 by P. D. Eastman, Eastman started his career in the Story Department at Walt Disney Studios, working on production design and animation. In 1943, he joined the Army and was assigned to the Signal Corps Film unit. This unit was headed by Theodor Geisel aka the future Dr. Seuss. He continued to work during his enlisted time as an animator for training films and a writer and storyboard artist on the Private Snafu series for Army-Navy Screen Magazine along with Geisel. After the War, he worked as a writer and storyboard artist at United Productions of America. Much later, while he was doing freelance work, Geisel asked Eastman to write for a new series of children’s books he was starting at Random House called Beginner Books.

Out of his lengthy career, Eastman is best known for his children’s books. Two of Eastman’s more popular books being, Are you my Mother, and Go, Dog, Go. His contributions to the Beginner Book Series that Geisel – Dr. Seuss started when he first published The Cat in the Hat in 1957. What made Dr. Seuss ingenious was that he wrote books for children, that were easy for parent’s to read aloud and easy for children to read on their own. It was revolutionary for its time.

My Dad gave me Sam and the Firefly when I was little. It was one of his favorite books growing up and has become a favorite of mine as well.

It’s just a really cute story about an reserved owl named Sam meeting a hyper firefly named Gus. Gus has a special talent, because of his bulb, Gus can make designs in the sky. And thanks to Sam’s vocabulary, Gus begins writing words in the sky. It’s all fun and games until Gus decides to use his new skills for mischief and that’s when things take a nasty turn…

The story is a good lesson in free speech.
Gus has the ability to write anything his heart desires
but once those words effect other people should he continue to write whatever he wants?

I guess if you don’t want a Spoiler than don’t visit my Instagram!

Thank you for Reading


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