Drawlloween 24 : “Propane. America. The Future”

Mechanical Monstrosity

King of the Hill
Episode 9 of Season 8
Ceci N’est Pas Une

Buck assigns Hank to find some art, but after searching through Arlen’s modern art markets and coming up empty; he suggests Peggy create something.

Thus the Probot is born.

The title of the episode is inspired by The Treachery of Images (Ceci n’est pas une pipe) by René Magritte in 1929. Which is a painting of a Pipe with the words this is not a pipe underneath. “Magritte was emphasizing the distinction between a real thing (such as a pipe) and a representation of reality (the painting).”

Now, I don’t really like using the term “monstrosity” because Peggy put a lot of work into her Probot, but it definitely was a conversation starter. And while some people turned up their noses, others found the Probot quite comforting and reassuring.

Here’s the episode Link!

Thank you for Reading!

Don’t forget to Check out the Probot!


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