Drawlloween 16 : “Awoooooo-oooooooo, that feels good.”

:Full Moon:

I love the Wolf Man.

The lore is just so mysterious and fascinating…yet tragic.

During a full moon, a person becomes half man-half wolf.
that person loses all bodily control and becomes beastly.

The Wolf Man came out on December 12, 1941. Lon Chaney Jr played the Wolf Man, however, his character is never once refereed to as the wolf man. Chaney went on to reprise his Wolf Man in five other films. Chaney was the only actor out of Universal’s Classic Monsters to portray the same Monster in the original film as well as its sequels.

The village Church scenes were shot on the set of the legendary silent film “Hunchback of Notre Dame” set. The same set which Chaney’s father, Lon Chaney had played Quasimodo in 1923.

Did you know that the Wolf Man was never intended to be seen on screen?
Writer, Curt Siodmak originally left the Wolf Man transformation ambiguous, so that the audience would have to decide whether it was a physical transformation or if it only happened mentally. The studio felt a physical transformation scene would be more engaging for the audience.

According to the documentary on the Recent Wolf Man DVD collection, the idea for the Wolf Man came from Siodmak’s experience living in Nazi Germany. How his life went from normal to chaotic, just like how Wolf Man, Larry Talbot’s normal life is thrown into chaos once he becomes the Wolf Man.

The Wolf Man can also be seen as a metaphor for Germany’s youth. “An otherwise good man who is transformed into a vicious killing animal who knows who his next victim will be when he sees the symbol of a pentagram (i.e., a star) on them.”

Werewolves and Wolf Men have been retold and parodied in popular culture.

Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf

Professor Lupin in the Harry Potter series

Jacob in the Twilight series

and countless others…

though my personal favorite parody would have to be Wolf Man Jerry

Awoooooo-oooooooo, that feels good!

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Thank you for Reading.

and remember…

“Even a man who is pure at heart, and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.”


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