Drawlloween 15 : “You think I’m going to stay here with you in this? This sin wagon?”

Drive-In Creature Feature

Drive in movies are an absolute treat.

When I was little my Aunt had a friend who worked for a Drive-In, so for a short time, we used to go all the time. There’s something so wholesome and fun about heading out with your loved ones to the Drive-In. Enjoying a movie on the big screen, while people-watching from the comfort of your car.

The first horror movie I ever saw at the Drive-In was Scream 4. Well, actually the first scary movie I saw at a Drive-In was Congo…but that’s a long story… I saw Scream 4 with some friends during school. It was the first time I went to a Drive-In since my time as a child. We watched a double-feature. Scream 4 and Source Code. That’s another great thing about Drive-Ins, two films for the price of one 😀

Two of my favorite films that feature Drive-Ins are
Twister and Grease.

Twister : Did you know there was an Urban Legend surrounding this film? The Legend goes, in Stoney Creek, Ontario, a tornado hit the cinema while the Drive-In movie scene from Twister was playing. The truth is, a tornado hit Thorold, Ontario damaging a screen. The tornado hit during the day but that evening Twister was scheduled to play.

Grease : Remember the scene when Danny sings, Sandy, sitting on the swings at the Drive-In? Director, Randal Kleiser came up with that idea. He was inspired by the swing set at his hometown Drive-In in Lebanon, PA.

What’s your favorite Drive-In memory??

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Thank you for Reading.


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