Drawlloween Day 9 : “Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna play?”

He’s a Dummy Doll

He may be a doll but he’s no dummy
but he has been killed multiple times by a child so…

Charles Lee Ray aka the Lakeshore Strangler or Chucky as he’s better known
is the most famous murderous toy in all of film history. His rampage has spanned six movies and a modest 35 kills. His six films have ranged from scary to silly but they’re all pretty entertaining…to some extent at least.

My favorite Chucky movie has always been and always will be Child’s Play 2. My favorite character being Kyle. It happens to be the first one I stumbled upon watching while I waited for my parents to get ready for dinner. I’m sure they assumed I was innocently watching cartoons. Fun Fact: Child’s Play 2 is also voice actor Brad Dourif‘s favorite from the franchise.

I can appreciate the first three films. I think what really makes these movies for me is Dourif’s performance. If it wasn’t for him, I probably wouldn’t give these films a second watch.

And what the Bride of Chucky & Seed of Chucky lacked in Horror and substance, it more than made up for  with with Jennifer Tilly. If you’re looking to be entertained, Tilly’s your woman. Her voice is the perfect companion to Dourif’s maniacal chuckiling murderer. For me, that’s the main, if not, only reason I watch those films to begin with.
As you can read, I’m a sucker for good voice acting.

:Some Spooky Facts:

Child’s Play was originally meant to be a satire about toy marketing and merchandising for children. This was before it was a Horror film.

Chucky got his full name from some of the biggest scum in America.
Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald (assassinator of John F. Kennedy) and James Earl Ray (assassinator of Martin Luther King).

Originally, Charles Lee Ray was going to be Andy’s father.

And speaking of Andy’s father, some people believe that Andy’s late father was in fact murdered by Charles Lee Ray. The clues being that Chucky knew that Andy’s father was dead and that Charles Lee Ray has killed many people prior to becoming Chucky the killer doll. (Including Nica‘s father.)

Nica is the main character from the most recent Chucky film, Curse of Chucky (2013). Nica is played by Fiona Dourif, that’s right, daughter of the voice of Chucky!

Minor Spoilers

Alex Vincent, the actor who plays Andy in the first two films has a special cameo in the Curse of Chucky.

In Child’s Play 3, only men were killed, no women die in the film.

What do you think?
Are you a fan of Chucky?

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Thank you for Reading.


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