Drawlloween Day 6 : It’s a RASSSP!!!

Urban Legends

There are tons of Urban Legends out there, horror stories, pop culture and a little silly, you might know of certain Urban Legends you’ve forgotten about.

The Russian Sleep Experiment, Walt Disney froze himself, the crying baby on the bridge, Mr. Rogers is a Navy Seal…the list goes on.

My personal favorite being:
Bloody Mary…Bloody Mary…Bloody Mary…
This popular Urban Legend was first introduced to me during the Fall of 6th Grade. My friends and I would go into the bathroom, turn off the lights, crowd around the mirror and take turns reciting those words three times. Then we would rush out each time and check over our arms for tiny “cuts”. Which of course we’d all find one that hadn’t been there before.

I’m a sucker for a good scary movie and especially a good documentary.

I found Killer Legends on accident and since then I’ve had it on multiple times while I work. I find it to be a very interesting and easy to watch documentary.

It’s a very informative and extremely creepy.

Joshua Zeman and Rachel Mills did the documentary Cropsey about an urban legend from their hometown of Staten Island, NY turned real life serial killer. Their next documentary explores some of the most popular urban legends throughout history and uncover the try to get to the root of the myth.

Because behind these Urban Legends, rests some very real horrors.
These are the Legends which the documentary crew delves into:

The Hook:

Two lovers head to lovers lane, they hear a report on the radio of a mental patient with a hook for a hand has escaped. The girl is scared but the boy wants to continue their date, that is until the girl hears a scratching news and demands to go home. The boy reluctantly leaves but when he goes to open her door he finds a hook ripped from the socket hanging from the handle…

The Phantom:

Similar to The Hook, this urban legend takes place in Texarkana, TX. Where a real murder occurred which deals with a man in a hooded mask who killed people in a “lovers lane”. This Urban Legend is unique since it was perpetuated from an actual event. It’s since been memorialized in films such as The Town That Dreaded Sundown.


Children should watch out for tainted Halloween Candy.


A baby sitter is home alone with the children when she receives a call. Playful at first but the stranger begins asking about the children. After another ominous call the baby sitter calls the police, they’ll get back to her. In the meantime the stranger calls again but is interrupted by the police…the call came from inside the house!

Killer Clowns:

Deadly. Scary. Killer. Clowns…enough said…and if you look at the news, this particular Urban Legend has been poping out all over the country recently.

The documentary explores each one, revealing an unsettling story behind each one.

Check it out for an eerie treat.

Are there any Urban Legends near you that you grew up with?
Any favorites?

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Thank you for Reading!


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